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2019 TCSA Judges Award Ceremony and Exchange Meeting Comes to a Smooth and Warm Ending
Post Date:2019-12-27
TAISE, CCS, and TACS jointly held the 2019 TCSA Judges Award Ceremony and Exchange Conference at the Sherwood Taipei Ballroom.
Grand Opening of the Second (2019) Global Corporate Sustainability Forum (GCSF) Total elevation of sustainability vision of industry, government and academia – Focus on sustainable development issues from multiple angles
Post Date:2019-11-30
Welcoming new era of 5G communications – industry, government, academia, research work together to find new future for green intelligent transportation with successful ending of 6th International Green and Smart Mobility Forum (2019)
Post Date:2019-10-31


2020 Taipei Golden Eagle Micro Movie Festival
Post Date:2019-09-04


1081228-Key to COP25 climate change conference failure and future expectations
Post Date:2019-12-28
The UNFCCC COP 25 came to an end. This year’s conference ended two days after the expected date, but the results were not entirely satisfactory....

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