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Annual Review
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Annual Review
2017 German Taiwan Interchange COP23 (2017.10.26)
    While there is now much familiarity with the UNFCCC COP23 and its significance, to enhance and expand interchange with Germany, the German Institute Taipei and the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy jointly held the “COP23 Pre-Departure Interchange Symposium”, on Wednesday, October 25th. The event was moderated by the Deputy Director of the German Institute Taipei, Ms. Sabrina. Dr. Han-Pang Su, Director of the Taiwan Research Institute, attended along with Kung-Yueh Chao, Executive Director, International Climate Development Institute, and a dozen other guests, to share with TAISE Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien about the objectives of participation in the COP23, and the methods of effective and meaningful engagement, through a self-introduction and overview sharing experiences and exchange. 
2017 Tenth Anniversary of TAISE and 2017 CSR Academic Papers Awards Ceremony (2017.10.12)
   On the 12th of October, we held the 10th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony and 2017 CSR Paper Award Ceremony. People who work hard for the sustainable development of the country gathered here with over 100 domestic and foreign guests will jointly present their 10th anniversary blessing to the Foundation.
Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr. Shen Rongjin also paid a special visit to the venue. He thanked Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy for its long-term efforts in promoting a sustainable, low-carbon society and participation in international sustainable development. It also let the public and the international community to see Taiwanese enterprises pursuing a sustainable environment , economic growth and social integration of the new core values.
2017 Youth Sustainability Leadership program(2017.08.01-08.04)

 Taiwan’s “2017 Youth Sustainability Leadership Camp” from August 1, 2017, lasting over four days until August 4, where TAISE and CTCIEF Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien presided over the closing ceremonies. There were 34 participants who received certificates of completion, and 10 who were selected as the outstanding youth leaders. Chairman Chien, together with TAISE Executive Director Yang Ku, and CTCIEF Executive Director presented the “CTCIEF Youth Sustainability Leadership Scholarships”, whose winners will be able to attend the upcoming Bonn, Germany, UNFCCC COP23 summit to gain practical experience in international affairs and undertake youth international exchange.

2017 Climate Change Painting Contest(2017.03.21-04.28)

 TAISE’s 7th Painting Contest is now open for entry until the 28th of April. This annual contest was created to promote public awareness in the changing climate and the ideas of having a low carbon lifestyle throughout Taiwan. The contest had attracted more than 15,000 entries since its inception from elementary schools and junior high schools all across Taiwan. This year, the theme “Go Green! My Wilderness Travel Adventure!” hopes to emphasize everyone’s understanding of sustainable tourism in line with the 2017 United Nations International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. 

The First Annual 2017 Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-Movie Festival(2017.01.17)
   The Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability (TACS) hosted the First Annual 2017 Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-Movie Festival and Awards Ceremony, January 17 at 10am at the Eslite Spectrum Song-Yan Store. The ceremony provided recognition to eight award winning enterprises.This year’s Awards recognized outstandings works in six major categories: Best Film, Outstanding Creative Film, Best Sustainable Innovation, Environmental Sustainability, Social Inclusion and Public Interest, and Corporate Governance.
120h: Taiwan in my Eyes(2017.07.03-07.06)
   The CTCI Education Foundation (CTCIEF) and Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) jointly conducted “120h-Taiwan In My Eyes” is now in its final day (July 13) for presentation of their final event reports from the teams representing 24 countries, in 12 teams with 48 members from Taiwan and abroad. The presentations provided excellent audiovisual and textual contents in Chinese and English explaining the 120 hours of in-depth discovery of Taiwan and adventure along the way with the student’s observations and sharing on social network platforms describing their daily journals, discovery, experiences.
2017 The 7th Climate Change Painting Competition Exhibition

Into the seventh year of running, the Climate Change Painting Contest, with guidance from the Ministry of Education attracted more than 2,450 entries, TAIASE is proud to announce the winners of this year’s Contest. This year’s winner for the Junior High division is Chun Hsian Chuang of Yong He Junior High School in Hsin Pei, and the Elementary division winner is Chi Kuan Guo of Gong-Guang Elementary School in Pin Tung. Their works revealed unlimited imagination and strong concern for climate change issues,leaving everyone with a deep impression.

2017 Survey on Taiwanese People’s Attitudes towards Climate Change and Energy(2017.03.16-03.23)
  To better help the public appreciate climate change and sustainable energy operations, accelerating movement towards transformation to a Low-Carbon Economy, so in response to Earth Day, the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy has published the “ 2017 Survey on Taiwanese People’s Attitudes towards Climate Change and Energy ” results, aiming to ascertain public cognition of climate change and energy related issues” , while aspiring to offer objective analytical information, for use by industry, government, academia and relevant research institutions for reference in preparation or promotion of related public policies.
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