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Annual Review
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Annual Review
Delegation of Greek MPs visits Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy(2017.12.07)
   Greek Members of Parliament of New Democracy Party Konstantinos Skrekas, Mr. Christos Kellas and Athanasios Kavvadas accompanied by officials from Taiwan’s Department of European Affairs visited Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy in the morning today (Dec 7, 2017) and was received by Chairman Eugene Chien on site
Climate Change Elementary and Junior High School Creative Painting Seedlings Teacher Preparation Workshop (2017.12.23)
On Saturday, December 26, the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy and the National Taiwan Normal University held the “2017 Climate Change Elementary and Junior High School Creative Painting Seedlings Teacher Preparation Workshop”at the NTNU Linkou Campus Watercolor Classroom, attracting 30 elementary and junior high teachers from across Taiwan for robust participation. Taiwan ecology art Master, Prof. En-Sheng Yang and Instructors Hsing-Ya Lee and Chien-Chih Huang shared about how to concretely and discretely express the abstract concepts of climate change, with the hope of the seedling teacher workshop serving to enhance the art teachers’ climate cognition, while also empowering them to guide their students’ inclusion of environmental concepts into their paintings.
Seminar on global coping strategies and development after COP23 (2017.12.07)
  Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy and Center for Corporate Sustainability jointly held a seminar on “Global coping strategies and development after COP23” in Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs on Thursday, December 7 and invited Chairman Eugene Chien of TAISE, Director Han-Pang Su of Taiwan Research Institute, CEO Kung-Yueh Chao of International Climate Development Institute, Director Sze-Chi Kao of Environmental Quality Protection Foundation, Deputy Executive Director Wim Chang of Delta Electronics Foundation, CEO Yang Ku of TAISE to share their views on COP23 as well as Taiwan’s future carbon reduction strategies and blueprint as an island nation in the face of changing global situations.
2017 International Conference on Integrated and Innovation Solutions for a Circular Economy (2017.12.05)
  To develop Taiwan’s domestic circular economy system and ecology, the CTCI Educational Foundation, Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, National Taiwan University and National Tsing Hua University jointly hosted the “2017 International Conference on Integrated and Innovation Solutions for a Circular Economy” on Tuesday, December 5, in Meeting Room 801 at the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation. The Conference enjoyed participation from renowned domestic and international circular economy field experts and academics from the US, Korea, India, China, and Taiwan, along with attracting some 160 participants from industry, government, academia, and the research sectors in attendance, aspiring to exploit the conference to stimulate exchange and share the latest international information among researchers, educators and industry personnel involved in the relevant fields.
2017 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (2017.11.23)
  The 2017 “Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards” (TCSA) judging results have been completed, and the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy will host the Tenth Annual 2017 TCSA Awards Ceremony at 9:00am today, November 23, at the Taipei Howard Civil Service International House 2F Convention Hall, presided over by Dr. Chien-jen Chen, Vice President of the Republic of China, and Chen-Mount Cheng, Vice Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan, who will deliver remarks and present the Awards. The prestigious Corporate Sustainability Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Morris Chang, the Chairman of TSMC, to a resounding round of applause from all the dignitaries and guests present. Among the assemblage of participating enterprises, the annual operating income of the 67 TCSA Award Winner corporations recognized for exemplary sustainability constituted 60% of Taiwan’s GDP for 2016, among which the majority were renowned, benchmark domestic industry leaders, revealing the importance and influence of the TCSA for these corporations. Among the honorees receiving recognition, there were 27Chairman, 33CEOs and 56 Vice Presidents in attendance to represent their corporations in accepting the honors, before 700 attendees recognizing these benchmark corporations in a grand gathering.
UNFCCC COP 23 (2017.11.06-11.11)
  Chairman Eugene Chien of Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, CEO Yang Ku, Director Christine Chiang and 3 youth sustainability leaders arrived in Bonn, Germany on Monday, November 6. Then they immediately attended the 23rd COP (Conference of the Parties) of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework on Climate Change) held by Fiji. The main point of this year’s conference is to confirm that all the signing parties will implement and promote the development and efficiency of issues related to the Paris Agreement before COP24 takes place in next year (2018).
2017 Climate Change Painting Exhibition in Taipei 101(2017.10.30-11.4)
   The Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy hosted the “An engagement with Greenification: Climate and Painting Meet in a Sharing Symposium”, Thursday, November 2, at the Taipei 101 Green Corner on the 1st Floor, with moderation by TAISE Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien, Taipei Financial Center Corporation CEO Shih-Ming Chen, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) PR Manager Si-Yin Lin, Taiwan Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS) Secretary General Yuh-Ming Lee, Taiwan PwC Vice President Steven T. Tsai, Shin Kong Life Asst. Manager Shu-Ling Wu, and 112 distinguished guests in attendance, for a lively event.
2017 Green Energy Carbon Reduction & Climate Change Issue International Press Group (2017.10.27)
  The 2017 Green Energy Carbon Reduction & Climate Change Issue International Press Group invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited Taiwan Institute of Sustainable Energy today (October 20) and was received by Chairman Eugene Chien of the Institute in person at the site. Chairman Chien was Taiwan’s first minister without portfolio and also the first Minister of the Environmental Protection Agency. In addition to introducing the results of promotion of affairs related to the Institute, he also shared what the Institute has learned from attending UNFCCC COP 9 years in a row and Taiwan’s efforts and achievements in actions and policies on environmental protection, development of renewable energy, and sustainable development as well as use of civic diplomatic power to promote exchange of international affairs.
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