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Corporate Sustainability Summit sees Four Top Winners together sharing social innovation perspectives Date:2013-12-12
The “2013 Corporate Sustainability Summit” was sponsored by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, November 29, 2013, at the Chang Jung-Fa International Conference Center. In attendance were the representatives of the top winners of the Efficiency Award of the “2013 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards”. Presiding was TAISE Chairman Eugene Chien, along with Chung Hwa Telecom President Mu-Piao Shih, Cathay Financial Group President Chang-Geng Lee, China Steel (Taiwan) Executive Vice President Chin-Chao Lee, and Delta Vice President Jung-Teng Tsai, as well as distinguished guests, to discuss “Moving forward on the path to Corporate Sustainability and Social Innovation”, sharing experiences in CSR perspectives and promoting corporate sustainability.
The Panel Discussion included a moderated session with TAISE Chairman Eugene Chien as Moderator, noting: “corporate social responsibility is already a critical component in global enterprises strategic trends, and corporate social reporting is an irreplaceable key means for enhancing overall corporate competitiveness, thus attention from senior executives to developing sustainability concepts and corporate green sensibilities are also imperative.”
The four corporate leaders shared about their promotion of CSR efforts, with Chung Hwa Telecom President Mu-Piao Shih noting the importance of overcoming sustainability challenges: “Chung Hwa Telecom met a number of challenges to sustainability: digital tolerance, sustainable innovation, low carbon economy, and communication with critical stakeholders, as we endeavored to emerge as an enterprise able to deploy sustainability concepts to resolve our global sustainability challenges”.
President Chang-Geng Lee of Cathay Financial Group which won awards for Corporate Sustainability Innovation, recognizing their development of numerous core highlight projects, noted: “Our Cathay Financial Group CSR efforts emphasized the most critical aspects of the financial industry, especially cash flow issues so essential to the financial field, and using our unique commercial methods to make significant contributions”.
China Steel (Taiwan) expressed their concern for carbon reductions and the environment by continuous focus innovation, and in regard to their recognition for both climate leadership and innovative communications, Executive Vice President Chao-Chin Lee noted: “China Steel (Taiwan) is proud of relying on our critical 5G’s-Green Process, Green Product, Green Partner, Green Life, and Green Business, to robustly inform our sustainable innovation strategies, and thus to generate practical solutions for implementation”. 
Delta Vice President Jung-Teng Tsai, noting their experience in energy efficiency worldwide, and their recognition through the Sustainable Innovation Award, remarked: “Delta engages in continuous energy efficiency research, and the emerging global green energy efforts will be the international standard for the next
decade. So while we work to support environmental issues, and support “See Taiwan”, we also hope the entire world will notice the positive contributions and initiative of Taiwan for sustainability.”
More than 300 industry leaders were in attendance at the Summit, as well as leading academics and key public policymakers, allowing for a rich interchange in the hope of fostering further heights in Taiwan’s sustainability trend.
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