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71 Enterprises are selected for the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards Date:2014-11-27

With the recent years persistent food biosecurity issues in Taiwan, growing income disparity and environmental safety concerns, stakeholders find each other more and more at odds, whether its government and society, or enterprises and the public, or labor and capital. Given these pressing concerns across Taiwan, it is all the more imperative to recognize those positive social examples of fulfilling corporate social responsibility and ensuring transparency in disclosure of good corporate governance. Thus, the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) hosted the annual Awards ceremony on Tuesday, November 25, 2014, at the Chang Jung-Fa Foundation Conference Hall, to award the honors in eight categories for 71 recipients of the Ten Most Sustainable Company Awards, and the Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Awards, Growth through Innovation Awards, Transparency and Integrity Awards, Climate Leadership Awards, Creativity in Communication Awards, Social Inclusion Awards, and Supply Chain Leadership Awards. Altogether 18 Chairman of the Board and 23 Chief Executive Officers attended the awards along with 300 distinguished guests for a very engaging ceremony.
The Convenor of the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, Dr. Eugene Chien (Chairman, Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy) noted that over the past seven consecutive years of hosting the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, Taiwan’s enterprises have redoubled their efforts at fulfilling corporate social responsibility, with noticeable progress in the quality and quantity of corporate sustainability reportage. Many firms have integrated corporate social responsibility fulfillment into their domestic group operating strategy to advance creative innovation and enhance corporate value, realizing the encouragement that the Awards provide for their efforts, and establishing models for emulation assuring concomitantly positive economic, social and environmental growth. 
Financial Supervision Commission Chairman William Ming-Chung Tseng who has assiduously promoted corporate governance evaluation praised the efforts of the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards. He noted that enterprise preparation of corporate sustainability reportage can help firms ensure transparency in corporate governance, fulfilling more of their social responsibility and taking greater care of their employees. So after publishing a CSR, both the public and industry peers can be informed and this will lead to greater competition to be good enterprises and civic stakeholders, resulting in positive co-opetition and enhancing our competitiveness, all of which are highly praiseworthy objectives. 

This year’s Awards recognized the most winners to date, and included the first annual presentation of the Ten Most Sustainable Company Awards, and besides evaluating the participants corporate sustainability reports, judging also emphasized the balanced development of governance, environmental and social dimensions of overall enterprise performance, and whether the firm truly provides an outstanding model of sustainability. The nine winners each have their respective strengths, for example TSMC engages in social uplifting power and Promoting CSR with Core Capabilities, Hsin Yi Realty Changes the real-estate industry with CSR, Kuang Pao Technology offers Building and Maintaining a World Class Corporate Citizenship program, China Steel is among traditional manufacturers with recognition for their Achievement of Corporate Sustainability, Chung Hwa Telecom is among the Top 10 sustainable telecom service providers, Cathay Financial is Paving the Way to the Triple Bottom Line, while Lian Hwa Electric is Creating a better world, and Taiwan Mobile sets a standard of global benchmark which represents their response to feedback from our stakeholders. The winners also herald leading examples in their respective fields, performing at international standards, and are worthy of emulation.
Other highlights include the reportage from subsidiaries of China Steel which earned recognition with a Gold Award from the Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Awards, as well as a Silver Award amongst a total of 11 awards; among non-manufacturers the most outstanding performance was by Hsin-Yi Realtors which won the Non-manufacturers Most Outstanding Reportage Award, and also was selected for recognition in the Ten Most Sustainable Company Awards, the Social Inclusion Awards and the Supply Chain Leadership Awards. Enterprises with established programs for corporate reportage such as Chunghwa Telecom, TSMC, Delta Electronics and publicly owned firms such as Taipower, and Taiwan China Petroleum also performed exceptionally well. First time reportage participants with excellence included China Petrochemical, Nanshan Life Insurance, Taishin Financial Holdings, Shih An Farms, and Hung Kuang University of Science and Technology, which received Gold and Silver Award honors.

The 2014 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards included participants with total 2013 operating income equivalent to NT$10.339 trillion, or 70.5% of the 2013 GDP, which indicates the importance that Taiwan enterprises place on participating in the Awards, as well as the representativeness of the event. 

This year’s judges were highly experienced and well able to maintain the fairness and integrity of the Awards process, with domestic experts in many fields including Taiwan Directors Association Chairman Shih-Chun Hsu, former Vice President of the Judicial Yuan Ying-Chao Lai, former Vice Premier Jung-Yi Wu, Chairman of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Shu-Te Lee (former Minister of Finance), GreTai Securities Market Chairman Shou-Shan Wu, former Chairman of the Consumers Foundation, Chinese Taipei, Sung-Lin Chai, Chin-Ho Hsieh, Chairman of Financial Culture, Cite Media Holding Group Managing Director Fei-Peng Ho, Bloomberg Taiwan CEO Shawn Sim The Society of Wilderness Founder Wei-Wen Lee, NTUST Graduate Institute of Intellectual Property Rights Professor Chun-Shan Chen, NTUST Chemical Engineering Department Adjunct Professor Young Ku and Soochow University Management Department Professor Hsiung-Yi Su, for a total of some 50 judging committee members participating in the evaluations which included several phases with written submissions and presentations in person, with strong competition throughout.  

After the Awards ceremony the “2014 Review and Directions for Taiwan Corporate Sustainability” symposium was held with Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien presiding, along with NTUST Chemical Engineering Department Adjunct Professor Young Ku, Mackay Medical College Professor Yung-Shen Shun, and National Taipei University of Science and Technology Professor Hsien-Lun Hu, discussing the three dimensions of environment, society and governance in relation to this year’s fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities, for a lively discussion. Since 2015 will be Taiwan’s Year of Corporate Sustainability, we hope that the Financial Supervision Commission and other agencies will work together to deploy a panoply of public policy measures advancing Taiwan’s corporate sustainability trend to new heights. 

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