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2017 Youth Sustainability Leadership program Date:2017-07-23

 Taiwan’s “2017 Youth Sustainability Leadership Camp” successfully completed

Camp” from August 1, 2017, lasting over four days until August 4, where TAISE and CTCIEF Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien presided over the closing ceremonies. There were 34 participants who received certificates of completion, and 10 who were selected as the outstanding youth leaders. Chairman Chien, together with TAISE Executive Director Yang Ku, and CTCIEF Executive Director presented the “CTCIEF Youth Sustainability Leadership Scholarships”, whose winners will be able to attend the upcoming Bonn, Germany, UNFCCC COP23 summit to gain practical experience in international affairs and undertake youth international exchange.

Chairman Chien noted that this year’s camp participants shared outstanding backgrounds, and it was quite an accomplishment to successfully complete all the requirements, especially the “Participant Personal Introducion” and “Model UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Working Group Mission Reports”, all of which were presented solely in English. These “Model UN SDGs Working Group Mission Reports” were especially arduous in that each participant had to undertake the role of a diplomat, while simulating each nation’s positions and environmental policies, then presenting their national position in a speech presentation, which tested the participants abilities to work independently, resolve problems and to work in collaborative teams. Through these layers of challenges, each participant’s performance was truly impressive, and they managed to complete all the required tasks, so we are hopeful for the future that these 34 youth seed leaders will play important leadership roles in helping endeavor to realize the 17 UN SDGs. We expect these leaders will also serve as a coterie of outstanding talent for the corporate world, as this summer has marked an eventful and uniquely meaningful time in their lives, which has served to enhance their personal value and expand their global perspectives.

The camp lasted four days and three nights, allowing participants to gain a deep appreciation of the United Nations Agenda 2030, and SDGs, by exploring the triumvirate dimensions of each nation’s “International Sustainability Environment”, “International Sustainable Society” and”Corporate Sustainability Strategies”. This allowed the youth leaders to gain much new knowledge, and as they passed the camp aspects of the “Challenging My Limits”, many managed to expand beyond their conservative nature and engage in song or dance as they challenged their usual limitations. This enabled them to work together in harmony to smoothly overcome their missions. The process afforded them opportunities to enjoy the spirit of success in completing missions through peer-mediated learning and collaborative education, heart to heart exchange, and tested the participants critical thinking skills, planning, learning, leadership, negotiation, physical stamina, and emotional EQ management skills, revealing all these essential aspects of leaders who know how to skillfully partner with teams. As the camp ended, the participants emotions were written on their faces as they wistfully parted ways, but there shared hope is that they will form the kernel of future efforts to promote pragmatic progress toward achieving Taiwan’s sustainable development goals.

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