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2013 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards Date:2014-01-07
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2013 TOP 50 Corporate Sustainability Award winner representatives together with Vice President Wu Den-Yih and Chairman Eugene Chien. Award recipients are from front left: Delta Electronics Vice President R.T. Tsai, Lucidity Enterprises Chairman Wenhsien Huang, China Shipbuilding Chairman Sun-Quae Lai, China Petroleum Chairman Sheng-Chung Lin, TAISE Chairman Eugene Chien, Vice President Wu Den-Yih, Far Eastern New Century Corporation Chairman Douglas Tong Hsu, Ta Tung/ Chung Hwa Picture Tubes Ltd. Chairman Wei-Shan Lin, and China Steel Structure Chairman Tse-Hao Chen. From back left: China Steel Express Corporation Chairman Chun-Tung Lu, CHC Resources Vice President Chia-Chien Liao,  C.S. Aluminum Vice President Yu-Jung Lee, Qisda Vice President Spark Huang, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. Senior Division Chief Sheng-Hwa Chang, SPIL Deputy Spokesperson and Senior VP K.Y. Chien, China Steel Executive Vice President Steve Chin-Chao Lee, MOTECH CEO Dr. Ping-Heng Chang and Dragon Steel Vice President Hsin-Chin Kuo.

Hosted by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, the 2013 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, were held November 29, 2013, during the “2013 Corporate Sustainability Summit”, with Vice President Wu Den-Yih presenting the awards to the recipients. This year’s 2013 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards marked the sixth annual event, with 58 participating enterprises, marking a new high. Since this year’s events were expanded, awards were designated not only for the reporting contents for the “Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Reporting Awards”, but also to recognize corporate sustainable development performance with the “Climate Leadership”, “Sustainable Innovation”, “Transparency and Integrity”, “Creativity in Communication”, and “Social Inclusion” categories, recognizing a total of 20 enterprises. Besides selecting the Top 50 honorees, recognition also went to the “New Entrant Awards” winners, to encourage enterprises to engage in sustainability reporting and invest in transparent information disclosure, in the hopes of stimulating more enterprises to implement enterprise sustainability participation.
Vice President Wu Den-Yih personally presented the awards to the outstanding domestic enterprises for promoting corporate sustainability, expressing the desire that as Taiwan enterprises deal with global climate change and green governance issues, that they will evolve an international perspective, embracing corporate sustainability as an imperative issue. Vice President Wu noted: “Taiwan much more than others must face the imperative of achieving sustainability, and as enterprises serve as the core and pillar of national development, we hope that our enterprises will continue to evolve with global trends, and implement sustainability, achieving the triple objectives of comprehensive corporate governance, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

Award presenter Vice President Wu Den-Yih presenting remarks

The 2013 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards judging was led by Dr. Eugene Chien, who noted that in 2013, the participating entries gross revenues represented 61% of Taiwan’s GDP, or an annual output of NT$8.57 trillion, and in years past entrants had represented as high as 71% of GDP, evincing the importance and high visibility that Taiwan enterprises place on the awards, so we hope that for the future the effort will continue to enhance the performance of Taiwan enterprise sustainability, and integrate with the international community, serving to further expand the reach of Taiwan corporate sustainability efforts.
The judges for this year’s awards examining the entries from the dimensions of governance, environment, and society, were selected from among leading domestic experts, who evaluated the participants submissions, in an equitable, fair, and objective manner, to select this year’s winning entries as models for corporate sustainability. Altogether 32 judges participated this year, providing a thorough screening, ensuring high credibility, and informing an objective third party corporate sustainability platform. The judges representative, former Chief Justice Yingchao Lai, spoke at the “2013 Enterprise Sustainability Summit and Forum”, declaring “integrity is essential to corporate sustainability, so we hope that Taiwan enterprises will implement information transparency, operational integrity, and achieve sustainable development”.
The “2013 Corporate Sustainability Summit” was held November 29th at the Chang Yung-fa International Conference Center, where the 2013 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards ceremony was also held, and extending an invitation to the award winning enterprises in the 2013 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards to join the “Enterprise Summit”, with Chairman Eugene Chien presiding, and Chung Hwa Telecom CEO Piao-Mu Shih, Cathay Financial Group CEO Chang-Ken Lee, China Steel Executive Vice President Steve Chin-Chao Lee, Delta Electronics Vice President R.T. Tsai, presenting special guest lectures on the themes of “Moving forward on the path of corporate sustainability and social innovation” , sharing their perspectives on CSR and promoting corporate sustainability efforts.

              Vice President Wu Den-Yih presenting the Taiwan TOP 50 Corporate Sustainability Reporting Award to Dr. Tzou-Yien Lin, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health and Welfare
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