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Title Date
December 16 Coal-fired power generation and green fashion 2018-01-25
December 30 Sport and Sustainability 2018-01-16
December 23 Green sports marketing/Sustainable use of gutter oil 2018-01-15
November 18 Roles of females under SDGs 2018-01-15
December 9 Analysis of global trend to cope with climate change after COP23 2017-12-09
September 23 The Revelation of Bertrand Piccard, the First Person in Solar-Powered Flight around the Globe, to Taiwan’s Renewable Energy 2017-11-21
September 30 Disappearance of gas and diesel cars and replacement strategy of electric cars 2017-11-21
September 2 the energy development of the United States from the perspective of Trump climate change policy 2017-11-20
September 9 a sequel from the "An Inconvenient Truth" looking at global trends to combat climate change + Toyota hydrogen fuel vehicle 2017-11-20
September 16 Looking at the future development from Seattle and Silicon Valley 2017-11-20
August 26 Implementing energy transition, energy issue development concerned by the whole country 2017-11-05
August 19th Episode When the Earth Runs a Fever- Electric Vehicle Development Trends 2017-11-04
August 12 How smart phone affects the environment 2017-11-03
August 5 The latest development trends in the global automotive industry: electric vehicles and driverless cars 2017-11-02
July 22 Alternate Energy Trends: Reducing Overhead Costs and Increasing Employment Opportunities 2017-09-06
July 29 New Benchmark in Corporate Sustainability: Financial Benchmarks Determine Corporate Responsibility 2017-09-06
July 15 Comparison of Taiwan Energy Transformation Status and International Trends 2017-09-05
July 8 What will the world look like in 2020? Global trends cannot be overlooked in the next three years 2017-09-04
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