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【Event】Scholarship Opportunity for All domestic and international college students “Discover Taiwan” Now Open for Registration! Date:2017-04-12

To promote greater awareness and stimulate interchange among the international community and Taiwan, enhancing reciprocal multicultural understanding and developing international thinking, while affording domestic and international students to advance their global perspectives through diverse cultural stimulus and creative thinking, the CTCI Education Foundation (CTCI EF) and the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), have joined forces to form the “Discover Taiwan” initiative.
The activity will involve domestic and international university student teams participating in visits and in-depth observation of Taiwan lifestyles, enterprises, architecture, ecology and culture, and through the university student participation in mutual interchange, discussion and sharing of thoughts and feelings, to better appreciate others and develop multicultural values, cultivating broad vistas and enhancing global communication skills.
“Discover Taiwan” activities consists of two phases, “practical exploration” and “results presentations”; the practical exploration period shall run from Monday, July 3 through Friday, July 7, 2017, for a total of five days, with one to two scheduled site visits and one elective site visit or theme experience per day; the 5 day program includes 8 experiential site visits and 5 elective or theme experiences. The practical exploration themes include diverse and multi-dimensional areas such as international engineering projects, long term health care, environmental sustainability, science and technology research and development, creativity and innovative services, food and beverage culture, green factories and sustainable agriculture.
The practical exploration phase will begin on the first day with issuance of the team scholarship funds from the sponsoring organizations, which are dedicated to use to compensate the actual costs of the experience with a per diem for travel, room and board. Additionally, after the results presentations of teams on Thursday, July 13, 2017, the sponsoring organizations will select the winning First Place team for an award of NT$200,000, two Second Place teams with an award of NT$100,000 each, and four Third Place teams for awards of NT$50,000 each, while an additional five teams will receive a supplemental scholarship of NT$20,000 per team, for a total of NT$1,000,000 in scholarship awards. Registration for this event is open from Wednesday, April 5, 2017, through Monday, May 15, 2017, and is available only through online registration. All domestic students attending colleges and universities in the Republic of China, at the undergraduate or graduate level, and all international students are welcome to register for participation. Please see the official event website link at .
This event aspires to promote multifaceted experiential learning modes, to enhance participating students cognition of sustainable development, climate change, and environmental technologies. We hope that participation in interchange at the selected sites and thematic programs, will allow for development of broader international perspectives and experience, while applying social media mechanisms to influence the international community to undertake in-depth interchange, thereby advancing Taiwan’s international visibility, and jointly affecting leading global trends while working toward achieving sustainable development.

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