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March 4 Solar energy and trend of renewable energy - innovation of the transportation industry Date:2017-03-08
The US ranks number two in terms of carbon monoxide emissions in the world. In 2016 the capacity of new solar power generation devices installed by solar energy companies in the US increased by 14,600 megawatts. Among the newly installed power generation devices, solar energy devices accounted for 39%, natural gases accounted for 29%, and 26% was from wind power generation. The capacity from power generation devices is really amazing. Furthermore many of the American banks no longer offer loans to coal fired power plants to comply with government policies and global trends. Looking back at Taiwan, however, Taiwan still wants to build coal fired power plants. As such the energy mix will not be exactly in line with world trends. And if Taiwan cannot speed up enhancement of carbon emission efficiency, carbon reduction of carbon dioxide won’t be much, leading to inability to reach the expected goal. 37% of new vehicles sold in Norway in 2016 were electric vehicles. By the end of December 2106, the nation had a total of one hundred thousand electric vehicles that could reduce two hundred thousand tons of emissions, a great contribution indeed. The expectation is that by 2020 Norway could reach the goal of having four hundred thousand vehicles across the country. To reach this goal it has to rely on government policies like 25% tax reduction on electric vehicles, and fundamental facilities like comprehensive charging equipment that are  conducive to the goal.

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