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March 11 Major originator country of Industrial Revolution — Becoming a leading carbon reduction country 150 years later Date:2017-03-20
The United Kingdom which has been dubbed as “The sun never sets on the British Empire” since the industrial revolution in the 19th century has started an important milestone in national development and become one of the world’s leading economies. But massive carbon emissions also make the world’s environment deteriorate. The largest industrialized country of the past has changed in recent years and her carbon emissions in last year (2016) dropped to the lowest level since the 19th century . How did she do it?
The UK was the first country in the world to create an exclusive agency to take charge of weather and climate change issues called Department of Energy and Climate Change. In addition to controlling carbon emissions, a carbon pricing system is also implemented. Furthermore the use of renewable energy rose tremendously last year. In 1956 the use of carbon was 200 million metric tons the whole year, now only 12% of that  is left.
In response to the demand from slight transition of energy and industrial strategy, the UK disbanded Department of Energy and Climate Change in 2016 and formed a new one called Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Meanwhile London also passed a new law specifically targeted at carbon pollution emissions from automobiles with an aim to encourage use of electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles to reduce carbon emissions. Another policy is to start driving away diesel cars in the city.
In last year (2016) the total solar power generation in the UK the whole year formally surpassed that of coal fired power generation. Currently there are only 10 coal fired power plants in the whole country. What was conceived a goal impossible to reach in the past was reached through transition of the whole power generation system in the UK by making use of creativity and innovation, making her an international leader as well.

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