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April 8 How do the Germans accomplish energy transformation? Date:2017-04-10
Germany began to develop a green environmental movement from 1970 to 1980,so Germany began its efforts at environmental protection relatively earlier and as a result of the post-industrialization, the Rhine River suffered gradual pollution, and such pollution can be traced to upper river sources in Austria and Hungary. To encourage not for profit organizations, government and the civic sector and public to begin to express concern over these issues, resulting in today’s Germans strong support for the green movement.
Given the widespread popular support of the German populace for green activities, with some 93% of Germans emphasizing that German alternative energy transformation is “important or very important”, and the public willingness to pay more in use costs and to promote alternative energy, thus the German people rarely experience in any opposition to government implementation of green energy measures.
Also, the German development of green energy uniquely results from community-based development, with community residents proactively investing in windpower electric generation, and sharing the profitability, consider their “FreeSun” effort for solar power, whereby the public can also participate in the development of a large scale solar power electrical plant, which not only allows local residents with excellent and efficient electricity reserves, but the excess electricity can be stored or sold to other cities and counties, allowing the public greater capital to undertake investments and participation, creating a positive efficacy cycle. This further encourages the public greater capital to invest and participate in creating positive circular economy efficacy and efficiency.

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