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April 1 The Planet under Threat, the US cancels and rewrites its “Clean Power Plan” Date:2017-04-03
On March 28, President Trump signed an Executive Order, cancelling the prior Obama administration's highly significant "Clean Power Plan" , directing the US EPA to cancel and rewrite Clean Energy production plan regulations and procedures, to thereby increase employment opportunities in the coal industry and natural gas and petroleum exploration, Trump claimed the measures would "Rescind excessive federal burdens" and "Inaugurate a new era in promoting energy independence and economic growth."
The "Clean Power Plan" restricted electricity generation plants coal pollution, requiring 2030 emissions to reduce 32% from the 2005 levels of US electricity generation plant carbon emissions, which were viewed as the core of prior President Obama's climate policies, but Trump feels that this level of environmental control overburdens energy and employment growth, so he believes the "Clean Power Plan" cancellation Executive Order will promote employment opportunities, and help the US secure early energy independence.
Actually, Trump's claim that a return to fossil fuel and that the energy industry can stimulate new employment growth, are theories which may prove not necessarily factually valid, as initially, today’s coal mining technologies are more automated and advanced than those in the past, and machinery largely fills prior reliance on large manpower, so there is no need to employ large numbers of miners as in traditional mining, secondly, mining is an upper stream industry, but many downstream industries using fossil fuels is not consistent with contemporary global trends, and the resultant air pollution and environmental issues will cause public concern and opposition, hence, whether Trump's policies may actually foster new employment, and be acceptable to the public, while fulfilling his pledges, remains to be seen.  

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