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April 22 Climate Change Related Activities Invite all Taiwan's students to join in! Date:2017-04-24
The Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy recently held several climate change and environmental protection related activities, inviting all students to participate.
The first event was the “2017-7th Annual Climate Change Children's Painting Competition”, the theme of which collaborated with the United Nations establishment of 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, so the activity was entitled “Green Adventure: Let's Travel and Explore Together!”, and it is hoped that through the children’s participation in the painting competition, we can encourage youth artistic endeavor to enhance and foster their creative talent and cognition of how to achieve sustainable development during travel.
In the past we have conducted six annual competitions with 15,657 participant paintings to date, and winning entries have been successfully displayed at the Taoyuan International Airport, while this year we also exhibited the winner works at Taipei 101, allowing Taiwan’s children’s understanding of climate change issues, to express their concern for climate change through painting, an international lingua franca, to the entire international community for their recognition.
The second activity is a collaboration of TAISE with the CTCI Education Foundation entitled “120 hours Taiwan in My Eyes”, over the course of five days, the participants will travel across Taiwan over 120 hours in teams composed of members from Taiwan and international students in universities and colleges throughout Taiwan. The event requires cooperation through membership of four different nationalities of students in one team, for a five day experiential learning adventure across Taiwan, exploring Taiwan’s international engineering projects, long-term health care system, environmental sustainability, technological innovation, creative services, food and beverage culture, green factories and sustainable agriculture. 
During the event, the participants must post their experiential engagement results online on their personal Facebook home pages, then prepare a results presentation for delivery. The host organization is providing sponsorship of the adventure travel expenses, room and board, along with the “CTCI International Exchange Scholarships” with the First Prize winning an NT$200,000 scholarship, and the event totaling NT$1 million in scholarships, applications are welcome from college and university students (until May 15), online at .
The third activity is the “Youth Sustainability Leadership Camp”, aiming to help university youth to realize their sense of mission and stewardship as the new emerging leaders of the movement working in collaboration for 21st century global prosperity and sustainable development. The event encourages all university students to join, for selection through a testing mechanism, including suitability analysis for the camp courses, allowing participants to share a three day two night experience in “sustainability”, “leadership”, and “international knowledge and concepts”, as well as sending students to Bonn, Germany for the UNFCCC meeting, allowing partipation in the activity to help the students who participate in the international meeting to better appreciate global climate change developments, so if you want to better understand the current world development status, apply online at .

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