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May 6 The Path to Rebuilding Japan: after the March 11 Massive Tsunami public tenacity arises Date:2017-05-06
On March 11, 2011, the massive Tsunami struck one-fourth of Japan’s coastline, with the tsunami reaching 41 meters high, destroying entire towns, and resulting in loss of water and power to many cities, as well as causing gas fueled fires and explosions, and flooding the nuclear power plant resulting in a nuclear disaster.

South Sanmu Town in Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture was among the most severely impacted, and the massive earthquake and tsunami destroyed the Miyagi Prefectural Hospital’s major lifesaving equipment, but it was rebuilt in 2015 at an expense of 5.6 billion Yen, of which 2.2 billion Yen were donations from Taiwan, this proved very moving for all Japanese, and they invited the Taiwan Red Cross to attend the building opening ceremony. 

One of the three most beautiful landscapes of Japan, Miyagi Prefecture’s Matsushima Island, was destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami disaster, but one can see how Japan has been tenacious in rebuilding efforts, and the natural disaster has not destroyed the public resolve and will. For example, the severely affected northeast region received major funding for Sendai Northeastern University to procure equipment and expand research facilities, aiding rebuilding of the campus, development of radiation research entities and research, helping rebuild local Small and Medium Sized enterprises (SMEs), and investing in the radiation industry to develop advanced technologies and materials.

It is now six years since the massive earthquake and tsunami, and even though the path of rebuilding is an arduous and time-consuming one, it reveals the tenaciousness of the resilient Japanese people, which are capacities and values most needed in this era of climate change, for mankind, urban areas and societies.

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