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“120h-Taiwan In My Eyes” Day 5 Sites see Taiwan’s Steel industry tradition, transformation and sustainability Date:2017-07-07
Students received a guided talk at China Steel (Taiwan) Corporation(1)
The CTCI Education Foundation (CTCIEF) and Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) jointly conducted “120h-Taiwan In My Eyes” is now in its fifth day of activities, which will be the last day for site visits. The fifth day itinerary includes visiting Taiwan’s steel industry mega-enterprise, the China Steel (Taiwan) Corporation, to observe its traditions, transformation, and sustainability of its operations as well as its energy efficiency and carbon reduction efforts, green steel products, integrated community energy resources, and industry-academia cooperation. The participating students hail from around the world and all five continents, speaking more than twenty languages, and sharing every day on social networks about their experience in the 120 hours Taiwan in My Eyes activities. Participants include recipients of the prestigious US Fulbright Program fellowships, a former intern for US Senator Rand Paul, and many with fascinating research backgrounds including: studying Guatemalan poverty issues, German and Brazilian environmental protection relations, the Canadian broadcasting industry, ASEAN and the Asia Pacific regional economy, Taiwan and Japanese elderly Long-Term Care policies, as well as some who have visited Japan’s earth house efforts, or engaged in creative reportage of Holland’s new innovative buildings, or participated in rebuilding elementary schools in Thailand, and those active in Taiwan’s sustainable smart building environmental knowledge work, or the experimental study of the synergistic ecological interdependence of insects and plants, so each team has members with robust and rich academic and research experience evincing their outstanding qualities. The steel industry is noted for its low dependence on heat energy, but high dependence on electricity, and in recent years, the China Steel (Taiwan) Corporation has developed an integrated steelmaking process, installing cogeneration systems, and selling excess steam heat to appurtenant factories with large heat energy dependence, effectively resolving a difficulty and allowing the factory to make efficacious use of heat energy, for a regional energy efficient integrated network reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As for the visit to China Steel (Taiwan), the diverse participant backgrounds were revealed in their intense interest and professional questions, from climate change affects on the steel industry raw material supply chains, to energy and water resource allocations, the regulatory environment, and global competitiveness. A Korean participant shared about the Korean steel industry carbon reduction objectives and measures, as well as the Low Carbon Green Growth Basic Law, aimed at promoting green development and realizing a Low-Carbon society. In the last day of adventure of the 120h-Taiwan In My Eyes event, participants witnessed the steel industry traditions, transformation and sustainability efforts. Over the 120 hours in the past five days, the events and activities marked the beginning of sustainability education for participating students from 9 universities, hailing from 24 nations, including 12 Taiwan students and 36 international students. So the CTCI Education Foundation hopes that through their participation, the students will have gained new perspectives, experiencing with their own hands, interchange, discussion, and sharing of their thoughts, and will continue to let the international community and all our global stakeholders and partners learn and share about our continuing progress toward sustainable development in Taiwan.
Students received a guided talk at China Steel (Taiwan) Corporation(2)
Students received a guided talk at China Steel (Taiwan) Corporation(3)
Students received a guided talk at China Steel (Taiwan) Corporation(4) 

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