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Seeing a Diverse Taiwan through 24 nation’s students eyes Date:2017-07-14
Group Photo of the Judges and the Taiwan in My Eyes 120h Teams

The CTCI Education Foundation (CTCIEF) and Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) jointly conducted “120h-Taiwan In My Eyes” is now in its final day (July 13) for presentation of their final event reports from the teams representing 24 countries, in 12 teams with 48 members from Taiwan and abroad. The presentations provided excellent audiovisual and textual contents in Chinese and English explaining the 120 hours of in-depth discovery of Taiwan and adventure along the way with the student’s observations and sharing on social network platforms describing their daily journals, discovery, experiences, and feelings as they encountered Taiwan’s people, places and things, using photographs and short videos to narrate the student’s complete and exciting participation, allowing the world to continue to further enjoy greater international visibility of Taiwan.

The Judging Committee was Chaired by CTCI Education Foundation and Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien who delivered remarks explaining how the “Taiwan in My Eyes-120h” event was highly meaningful, with participation in activities, adventure and discovery allowing the multinational cohort of participants to learn about multilingual and multicultural group cooperation and interaction. The students enjoyed in-depth observation and exploration of Taiwan’s industrial technology prowess, major international project engineering strengths, understanding Taiwan’s development of social medicine, social welfare and insurance aspects of the long-term healthcare system. Participants also encountered the impacts and Science and Industrial Parks contributions to the global electronics industry transformation and technology transfer. Additionally, the students learned about Taiwan’s environmental education, urban waste management, waste recovery and recycling policy promotion, and efforts to develop sustainable cities through municipal governance and citizen’s participation. The fourth generation “Megamall and Hypermart Retail Centers” of Taiwan’s logistics services industry and major retailers transformations were explored, as they deploy digital technology and smart retailing operational modalities. Taiwan’s steel industry giant was also visited to explore its transformation to energy efficient, carbon emissions reduction, green steel products, as it also integrates community energy resources, and pursues collaboration among industry and academia for traditional industry continuity, transformation, and sustainability. The student’s activities design included daily journal sharing mechanisms, allowing each team to share in Chinese and English and in any other native languages on social network platforms to spread the word internationally about this scholarship competition, adding to the student’s breadth and depth of sharing, but also adding to Taiwan’s global visibility.

Each team managed to survive the four hour long final presentations, to present their international experiences with the world, with multilingual and multicultural sharing about all their interesting encounters along the way, before the panel of judges. The CTCI International Exchange Scholarships First Place winner was the “Hey! Come to Taiwan” team from the National Taiwan University(NTU), whose vanguard theme and high quality video presentation presented a moving call to everyone to give due regard to the importance of rebuilding Kaohsiung’s Xiaolin Village, and their sharing and explanation of their discovery of Taiwan’s typical roadway construction technique using permeable pavement, as well as their detailed analysis of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which issued a clarion call to respond to the UN’s sustainability theme trends. The judges and fellow teams all though the NTU team presentation was outstanding, so the NTU team was unanimously selected to receive the First Prize NT$200,ooo Scholarship. The Second Prize amounts of NT$100,000 Scholarships were awarded to the National Cheng Kung University TUSEA team and the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology CHCBubbleTea team. The Third Prize of a NT$50,000 Scholarship each was awarded to four teams including the National Cheng Chi University BIEN team, the National Taiwan University Team Parti, the Chinan University LUGGAGE’s team, and the Chinan University’s Icognito team.The remaining five teams were each awarded NT$20,000 Scholarships to the Tunghai University No Pollution, Noble Purpose team, the National Cheng Chi University ETFS team, the Chungyuan University Pacific Rim team, the Tamkang University Pa Pa Go team, and the Chunghsing University Serendipity 150 team.

Ming-Teng Hsiao, Executive Director of the CTCI Education Foundation, participated in the judging of the event through all stages, and expressed deep satisfaction with these international team members discovery of Taiwan and their learning and innovation, realization of their dreams along the way, and implementation of their principles in action, while also expressing pride in the student’s impressive and dedicated abilities to let the world see a robustly diverse and vibrant Taiwan. Ku Yang, Secretary General of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, noted that the deep seeds of sustainable education development were planted through this event, and emphasized how the Taiwan in My Eyes 120h activities served as an initiation into sustainability education, so the CTCI Education Foundation and the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy hope to continue to encourage more international and domestic friends and environmental allows to share their observations, exchange, discussion and feelings, to help foster an environment conducive to continued outreach to the global community and international strategic partners and stakeholders for our common dedication and interest in moving towards, seeing and realizing the sustainable development of Taiwan.

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CTCI EF Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien
Judges group photo


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