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The 9th CSR Professional Consultations discuss Taipower’s path to sustainable development Date:2017-08-09

The Taiwan Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS),aiming to assist member corporations realize their efforts across environmental, social and governance (ESG) dimensions, and to improve and streamline strategies for reference by senior corporate policymakers, continues to respond to member corporation requirements by hosting the series of “CSR Professional Consultation and Exchange Lectures”. On Thursday, August 3, 2017, at the Taiwan Sustainability Guildhall, CCS held an event for Taipower, with a member corporation consultation and exchange lecture entitled “Realizing Corporate Social Responsibility, Progressing Toward Sustainable Development”. The event was moderated by Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien and Taipower Vice President Heng-Chou Lee, before an audience of assembled scholars and experts.

This event explored the important issues surrounding “Policy Perspectives”, “Community Integration”, “Stakeholder Communications”, “Establishing Pan Corporate Personnel CSR Cognizance”, and “Striving for SDGs, Implementing Sustainable Development Objectives”. The discussion and exchange enjoyed fruitful contributions from the CCS Adviser Young Ku, Secretary General Yu-Ming Lee, and Deputy Secretary General Jackie Pin-Chih Wang, as well as experts and academics participating in the event. Chairman Chien expressed how Taipower represents the quintessential Taiwanese responsible corporate citizen and influential public enterprise, which has a firm grasp of the developing trends of the energy industry, and is responding to future challenges and opportunities, while leading Taiwan’s development of sustainable energy and fostering Taiwan’s progress to a green, sustainable future.

Left to right: Ms. Ji,Ying-Siou, Taipower Section Manager、Mr. Song,Siang-Jheng, Vice Director、Mr. Yu-Ming Lee, CCS Secretary General、Dr. Eugene Chien、Mr. Heng-Chou Lee, Taipower Vice President、Mr. Young Ku, CCS Adviser、Ms. GUO,SIOU-CI, Taipower Operator、Mr. Jackie Pin-Chih Wang, CCS Deputy Secretary General

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