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CCS holds its 9th Board Meeting coalescing member corporations SDGs efforts Date:2017-08-09

(CCS)Director representative
On Friday, July 29, the Taiwan Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS), aiming to assiduously promote corporate sustainable development and realize corporate social responsibility, celebrated its two year anniversary with its 9th Board Meeting at the campus of the CTBC Financial Park in the Building B 20th Floor International Conference Room, along with CEO Lectures and keynote speeches. The event enjoyed the presence of leading enterprises and government leaders, including the Chairman of AU Optronics Corporation, Shuang-Liang Peng, and Dr. Ying-Yuan Lee, Minister, Taiwan EPA, who were special speakers for this CEO Lecture and keynote event. They spoke, respectively, about “On the Way to CSR” and “Taiwan’s Circular Economy Initiative and Development”, providing CCS member firms with sharing about the process of promoting and realizing sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.
Mr. Shuang-Liang Peng, Chairman of AU Optronics Corporation sharing experience on "On the Way to CRS"

Chairman Shuang-Liang Peng shared about his thirty years experience in promoting corporate social responsibility at AU Optronics. He revealed the highs and lows in corporate development over the years, honestly describing facing the challenges, and how these led to transforming the brand value, with a corporate spirit that can encourage all CCS member firms as a positive example to emulate; Minister Lee spoke about the national role in ensuring member corporations can appreciate the benefits and importance of the circular economy. The combination of public policy and corporate real world examples made for excellent speeches reflecting our government’s steadfast commitment to promoting environmental development, and encouraged all the corporate executives and CEOS present to work to realize efforts for environmental protection.

In response to the UN’s announcement in 2015 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and to welcome future promotion of corporate sustainability challenges, as CCS enters its second anniversary, CCS has adjusted and expanded the scope of its first phase of efforts and work mission. Initially, Chairman Chien announced during this Board Meeting that on October 12, in conjunction with CCS member firms, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, we will establish the Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals, (A•SDGs).
Chairman Chien explained that A•SDGs will coalesce and synergize Taiwan’s corporations and organizations, to collaborate in pledging to start to promote and implement the UN SDGs through 2030, incorporating them into operations and development strategies, and thus realizing them through operational efforts. In the hope of Taiwan’s ensuring cooperation with most influential enterprises in this work, thereby leading Taiwan’s efforts for sustainable development goals, we will establish a common parlance, for transforming the corporate essence, and enhancing brand value; in conjunction with green business opportunities, creating optimal operational profitability and maximal platform efficacy, we hope this pragmatic alliance will strengthen competitiveness, while achieving parity with renowned global enterprises, as we enter the global green market. Those present and the distinguished guests were all very optimistic about this important new initiative, and expressed their sense that this was consonant with global trends, while committing to assiduously endeavor to work with the Alliance.

Dr.Eugene Chien introducing "Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals, A•SDGs"

Chairman Chien also explained that CCS would continue collaboration with the National Taiwan University, to establish Taiwan’s first courses for Certification as Corporate Sustainability Managers, with the “Corporate Sustainability Management Certification Training Cohort”. The program aims to deploy practical skills and practices, with theory and praxis in synergy for corporate sustainability management training, and create Taiwan’s first corporate sustainability manager’s certification system, which will encourage professionalization among those in the field, and will also provide more much needed manpower and human capital for corporations while expanding employment opportunities for outstanding corporate sustainability leaders.

Dr. Eugene Chien(left) present award to Dr. Ying-Yuan Lee(rigth), Minister of Taiwan EPA

CCS' new member, Vice General manager of Hua Nan Financial Holdings Co

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