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June 3 Taiwan must engage global climate change Date:2017-06-03
In 2017, the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy has conducted its 7th annual “2017 Climate Change and Energy Public Opinion Poll”, among 1,108 respondents over the age of 18, enquiring as to the views of the public on energy usage, and comparing the results of Taiwan’s domestic viewpoints with the global consensus and cognizance as well as elucidating the public’s views about government’s public policies.
Overall, some 93.1% of the public believed that climate change is indeed occurring; 73.1% of the public felt that they are concerned with climate change issues; and 64.2% of the citizenry thought that Taiwan’s energy efficiency and carbon reduction efficacy were lacking; as many as 92.1% of the populace expressed support for the government’s strengthened development of alternative energy.
As for energy policy awareness and cognition, only 7.6% of those surveyed had correct understanding of Taiwan’s energy dependence level of 98% dependent on imports, and the also lacked knowledge of how Taiwan actually generates most of its electricity; when enquiring of public views on international climate change policies, only 10.8% of the Taiwan public correctly understood the mission and objectives of the “Paris Agreement”, and this may affect Taiwan’s future efforts to promote policies aimed at achieving energy efficiency, carbon emission reductions, and undertaking climate change amelioration and responsiveness.
As a member of the international community, Taiwan cannot avoid its role in climate transformation, as each nation incrementally implements their climate change policies, Taiwan’s government policies and public consensus must achieve global harmonization, or we will not only be faced with future “concepts”, but will instead issues of pressure from the international community, business competition and survival.

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