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The CSO Salon shares about corporate sustainable growth and international trends: the initiative to form the Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals Date:2017-08-28

the 4th-CSO Salon group photo

The Taiwan Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS) seeks to establish Taiwan’s domestic corporate sustainability platform, allowing member corporations to obtain the latest sustainability trends, while promoting the sharing and mutual benefit from CSR information, through quarterly conduct of the Corporate Sustainability Officer CSO Salon, with member firms’s CSOs invited to attend the luncheon meeting as a means to promote sharing about their experiences with corporate sustainability units or departments.

This quarter’s CSO Salon was held at noon, August 24, at the Fabulous Group International Commercial Building B4 Conference Room. Among those present were the host of the Salon, Dr. Eugene Chien, Chairman of CCS, Executive Director Young Ku of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), and Christine Chiang, TAISE Committee Chairwoman, CCS Executive Director Dr. Yuh-Ming Lee, Fabulous Group President Sung Lin, and senior corporate sustainability executives and sustainability leaders from Deloitte & Touche, Taiwan Power Company, Chunghwa Post, TECO Electric and Machinery, Ernst & Young, CTCI, Cathay Financial Holdings, Far EasTone Telecommunications, China Development Financial, Delta Electronics, EVA Air, Ever Rich, TSMC, CTBC, PwC, Far Eastern Department Stores, The Great Taipei Gas Corporation, Compal Electronics, and Chung Hwa Pulp.

CCS Chairman Dr Eugene Chien welcome speech

During the luncheon, CCS Chairman Eugene Chien shared with the corporate sustainability executives about coalescing a consensus among Taiwan corporate efforts to realize the 17 Goals of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), along with operational and development strategies, so as to realize them through operations activities, thereby achieving social influence and impact, by announcing the formation on October 12 of this year of the Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals, (A•SDGs), through which it is hoped that the corporate strategic allies will collaborate in pursuing green business opportunities, and deploy the emerging global sustainability lingua franca, while working together to lead Taiwan toward sustainable development goals.

This event was personally attended by Chairman Chien as well as Fabulous Group President, who joined in welcoming the distinguished participants, as well as Deloitte & Touche Executive Vice President and Assistant Manager of the Fabulous Group, who shared about corporate sustainability results (how the Fabulous Group International Commercial Building achieved energy efficiency, carbon reductions and green environmental accomplishments) and international sustainability trends (the announcement in June that the Financial Stability Board (FSB) had adopted the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures and its draft Manual of Best Practices. The corporate delegates in attendance provided a warm response and much very useful feedback. CCS will endeavor to continue to offer periodic free events for member corporations, in the hope of stimulating greater future participation from additional Corporate Sustainability Officers and welcoming CSO registration, to help create the leading domestic sustainability communications platform while working hand in hand to create a prosperous future through corporate sustainability.

Fabulous Group Assistant Manager sharing experience

Deloitte & Touche Executive Vice President sharing TCFD related topics

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