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June 17 As the entire world strives for energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction what is the role of the steel industry? Date:2017-06-17
 In 2015, there occurred two highly significant factors which will affect the next 15 years global economic development, namely the Paris Agreement and the UN establishment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As corporations promote their sustainable development, the UN has outlined four major growth areas for business opportunities in food and agriculture, sustainable city industries, energy and materials, and health and welfare, for a total market of US$12 trillion per year. By thinking against the tide, one can elucidate the emerging business opportunities among this US$12 trillion market, and consider how global industry can successfully transform in conjunction with the next wave of leading business trends. Innovation, development and technology are the essential trifecta for all corporations to ensure their survival, and the steel industry is no exception. Corporations should consider their core competencies and how to maintain their competitiveness, by eliciting from amongst the 17 SDGs those emerging needs, to create market value and to incorporate into their corporate strategic targets. Even though still is a consumable, it is nevertheless possible to optimize its recovery and reutilization through the 4 R’s of striving to reduce use, ensuring reuse, and to recycle, but also through efforts to remanufacture, so as to achieve steel as a sustainable material, and thus reducing energy used and transportation requirements. Since the steel industry is an optimal one for resource recovery and reutilization, with many diversified sustainable development dimensions, and significant contributions to environmental protection and society, it is imperative that the steel industry remain an important and exemplary sustainable industry.
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