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July 22 Alternate Energy Trends: Reducing Overhead Costs and Increasing Employment Opportunities Date:2017-09-06

As nations worldwide develop alternate energy, they are inevitably racing against time, while alternate energy involves significant investments, with major capital outlays and timeframes, and since Taiwan is only just beginning to develop such efforts, it only makes sense to borrow from the best international practices of other nations.

According to available data, in 2016 alternate energy enjoyed overall growth of 9%, with four hundred percent growth in average value since 2000 to the present, among which wind power and solar energy represent the largest segments, each of which have grown by 30%. The overhead costs of alternate energy have declined in recent years, and alternate energy also poses the creation of more new employment opportunities than traditional energy, even though its current percentage of the overall energy profile remains low, expectations are for strong growth, and in 2015 solar power and wind power electricity generation constituted 4.5% of total global electricity production, with forecasts to reach 20% by 2025. Besides business overhead considerations, another concern for industry engaged in developing alternate energy and sustainable development factors are the corporation’s social image, as national governments and major enterprises endeavor to use 100% alternate energy, the automobile and petroleum industry will face considerable serious challenges.

Alternate energy possesses a number of major strengths, and has already emerged as a leading, positive direction for the world’s nations, so as Taiwan strives to develop green electricity, it is imperative we seize the opportunity for harmonization with the global trends.

source: TaiwanNews


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