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[Event News] 2017 Cross-Strait Climate Change & Sustainable Energy Forum: Circular Economy and Green Development Date:2017-09-10

The “Cross-Strait Climate Change & Sustainable Energy Forum” was founded as the Cross-Straight Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Technology Conference, and originated among Cross-Straits scholars in 2005 desirous of fostering high level academic exchanges sponsored by Cross-Straits university presidents. Since the founding, the event is now in its 12th annual convening, and to date over 60 members of the esteemed China Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Engineering, as well as 15 Cross-Straits university presidents and over 900 Cross-Straits academics. As of October 2009, a consensus was reached at Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University, changing the name of the event to the “Cross-Strait Climate Change & Sustainable Energy Forum”, and establishing respective Forum Boards in both the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. The event has been held since then as a Forum. In 2017 with broad public support, the Forum is being hosted by the National Taiwan University.
  • Advised by:Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy、Chinese Academy Of Engineering 
  • Hosts::National Taiwan University、Taiwan Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Association、Institute Of Climate & Energy Sustainable Development
  • Co-Host:Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering National Taiwan University、Taiwan Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization Association、Hewlett Packard Enterprise、TAIWAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE、Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation、Foundation Of Taiwan Industry Service、environmental science technology consultants corporation、Asia Pulp & Paper
  • Date/Time::2017.10.12 08:30-12:10
  • Venue:Liang Kuo ShuInternational Conference Hall, on the Third Floor of the College of Social Sciences,National Taiwan University
  • Event Registration:
(As a friendly reminder, since the Forum seating will be limited, online registration is tentative only, and formal confirmation of registration will only be available 2 weeks prior to the conduct of the Forum by an official EMAIL notification of registration)

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