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July 15 Comparison of Taiwan Energy Transformation Status and International Trends Date:2017-09-05
 Currently, the Taiwan government is deploying four main directions to energy transformation: the first is energy security, including guaranteeing the public’s personal and property security, along with satisfying stable energy transmission and provision, to ensure Taiwan’s high tech industry’s need for continuous energy with no stoppages; second is the green economy, assuring alternate energy source creation to effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions; third is environmental sustainability, reducing airborne PM2.5 volume; fourthly is achieving social equity and justice.

Energy transformation abroad has three main focal points, initially is to ensure energy security, and in this regard, Taiwan’s energy security enjoys stability and is well-regarded in comparison with the international community. Secondly, there is the ability to bear the energy burden, which involves social equity and justice, and in Taiwan all residents whether on offshore islands or in Taiwan enjoy the same electricity rates, and have access to electricity, with rates that are affordable to ensure all society can enjoy electricity, but whether low cost electricity rates can sustainably maintain electric power provision remains an important consideration. Thirdly, there is the issue of environmental sustainability, and these three issues are directly related to Taiwan energy policies, while how to achieve these objectives are the key challenges in energy transformation of concern to everyone.

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