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July 8 What will the world look like in 2020? Global trends cannot be overlooked in the next three years Date:2017-09-04
The world is now witnessing promotion of Mission 2020, which aims to stabilize carbon emissions rates within the next three years, with no net increase in emissions, to achieve the Paris Agreement objective of keeping this century’s temperature rise within 2℃ of the Pre-Industrial Revolution level.

The “We are still in” organization of US governors and corporate leaders, aims to continue implementing the Paris Agreement, and to achieve the following six major goals: no new coal fired electricity generation and accelerated abandonment of coal, every year 3% of infrastructure construction should achieve carbon emission reduction efficacy, enhancing public willingness to multiply efforts, resolve many nations issues with land and reforestation needs, construction and projects should reduce carbon emissions by 50%, and address financial risks attendant to emission impacts by corporate loans.

The aforementioned plan requires joint collaboration and implementation by government, the public at large, NGOs and international capital. The next three years will be critical, and it is essential to emphasize and resolve global warming as it affects the environment.

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