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Winners of the 2017 2nd CSR Academic Paper Awards from Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability (TACS) Revealed Date:2017-10-01

In order to promote and encourage domestic colleges/universities and businesses to dedicate to research and development of academic studies and research competence applications related to corporate sustainability (CS) and corporate sustainable report (CSR), Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability under Taiwan Institute of Sustainable Energy specifically set up CSR Academic Paper Awards in 2016. The hope is to encourage researches that are both forward looking and inspiring through this award to introduce corporate sustainability ideas to businesses to create a vision of corporate sustainable development together.

In 2017 2nd CSR Academic Paper Awards 23 universities with a total of 32 departments and organizational units took part in it actively with their papers. After screening there were 50 papers fitting the CSR area and made into the selection stage. After close to one month’s reviewing and assessment by the evaluation committee of the award, 5 papers in the master’s section won the award (2 papers from Fu Jen Catholic University, one each from National Chin-Yi University of Technology, National Taiwan Normal University, and National Taipei University of Business); 2 papers in the PHD section won the award (National Chiao Tung University and Chung Yuan Christian University); 3 papers in corporate practice section won the award (Veda International Corp, Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital, and Deloitte).  The winners will receive CTCI CSR Academic Paper Award Scholarship sponsored by CTCI Education Foundation and each winner in the master’s section would receive NTD 20,000, PHD section NTD 30,000, and corporate practice section NTD 30,000.

Chairperson of the evaluation committee President Eugene Chien, committee members Distinguished Professor Yuh-Ming Lee of National Taipei University, Distinguished Professor Li-Fang Chou of National Chengchi University, Chair Professor Mao-Wei Hung of National Taiwan University, Distinguished Professor Hsien-Lun Hu of National Taipei University of Technology, Professor Yu-Shan Chen of National Taipei University, Dean Chen-Huan Xiong of Chung Yuan Christian University, Distinguished Professor Pen-Chi Chiang of National Taiwan University (convener), and Chair Professor Yang Ku of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology adopted a rigorous and fair method to review each paper and offer recognition and encouragement to the authors receiving the awards. We herein congratulate all the winners and wish that they could carry on their study of CSR and research competence in depth to contribute what they have learned back to society and work together to promote sustainable development in Taiwan and of corporates.

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