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“2017 Taiwan In My Eyes” EVOLUTION! Registration for “ Taiwan in my eyes – SDGs in Action” is Now Available! Date:2017-10-02
The “ Taiwan in my eyes – SDGs in Action” which hosted by CCS (Center for Corporate Sustainability) and CTCIEF (CTCI Education Foundation) is conducted to ensure the international community has a better and in-depth appreciation and perception of Taiwan, and enhance interchange, multicultural understanding and global perspectives, allowing domestic and international students to share in cultural stimulation and innovation advancing their viewpoints. Teams form by students from domestic universities and colleges will visit scheduled sites and participate study course in one day. They should also visit at least three elective sites and experience SDGs implementation of enterprise in Taiwan. Through the event, domestic student could be expected to understand more about the SDGs development situation in Taiwan, make national diplomacy and promote sustainable education. And foreign students are expected to learn about Taiwan.

The event is divided into 3 phases, including Initial Selection, Experiential Discovery and Results Presentations Selection. Through the Initial Selection, 10 qualified teams will be chosen. On November 24th, student will visit Green Dream Works and experience the implement process of SDGs Goal 6 (GREEN WATER AND SANITATION) and Goal 7 (AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY). And students will visit benchmark enterprises to see the achievement of SDGs Goal 9 (INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE), Goal 11 (SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNTIES), Goal 13 (CLIMATE ACTION) and Goal 14 (LIFE UNDER WATER) in the afternoon. The Results Presentations Screening Review will be hosted on December 16th. The organizer will award the winners with the ”CTCI CSR Scholarship” in the amount of NTD 40,000(First prize, 1 team), NTD 30,000(Second prize, 2 teams), NTD 20,000(Third prize, 3 teams), and $NT10,000(Fourth prize, 4 teams).

Registration will be available until November 1st, 18:00. This is an online registration only event. Cordially welcome students from domestic universities and colleges to participate. Registration shall be conduct through the Center for Corporate Sustainability URL (, the official event website link at the CTCI Educational Foundation URL ( or CTCI Educational Foundation Facebook page.

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