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Warm Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of TAISE and 2017 CSR Academic Papers Awards Ceremony Date:2017-10-15

 The Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) held its Tenth Anniversary celebration and the 2017 CSR Academic Papers Awards Ceremony, this afternoon, October 12, before an audience of professionals dedicated to sustainable development, for a warm-hearted event. At the invitation of TAISE Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien, numerous distinguished persons attended the events, including Chairman Jung-Fu Hsieh of The Great Taipei Gas Corporation, Hung-Kuang Lin, President of Ernst & Young Taiwan, Chien-Hung Chou, President of PwC Taiwan, Kuo-Hsin chuang, Chairman, LOGICOM Inc., and Chung-Mo Cheng, former Vice-President of the Judicial Yuan, along with other dignitaries including professional diplomats resident in Taiwan, Martin Eberts, Director of the German Institute Taipei, Mr. Rolf Urs Frei, Director, Swiss Trade Office Taipei, Julia Buss, Deputy Director, the Canada Trade Office Taipei, and special guests including a delegation led by Academician Ke-Chang Xie, of the China Academy of Engineering along with Cross-Straits Climate Change and Energy Sustainable Development delegates from mainland China, with attendance of over 100 international and domestic leaders to gather to celebrate the first decade of TAISE; Taiwan Minister of Economic Affairs Jung-Ching Shen also made a special appearance, expressing support and appreciation for TAISE’s long-term initiative and promotion of corporate sustainability, the low carbon society, and international sustainable development relations, along with hopes that society and the international community will enjoy visibility of Taiwan’s corporate endeavors for the new core values environmental sustainability, economic growth and social inclusiveness and equity.
Minister Jung-Ching Shen expressed in remarks that the accelerated development of Offshore Wind Energy will mean that through our Four Year Plan it is anticipated by 2025 we will have in place 4.2GW, with 1.2GW of inland installations and 3GW offshore capacity, and the offshore capacity of 3GW will be selected using the feed-in tariffs (FIT) procurement modality, ensuring prices while concomitantly requiring contractors to collaborate with our government policies for domestic production of the offshore windpower generation systems, thereby stimulating domestic industry, including underwater foundations and marine engineering.
TAISE Chairman Dr. Chien explained how the promotion of sustainability issues requires determination and perspicacity to face these long-term challenges, and that over the past decade, TAISE has conducted several hundred sustainability education events, recorded 488 When the Earth Catches a Fever radio broadcasts, and received warm accolades and support from broad sectors of society, and as a result of expansion of operations in 2015 TAISE founded the Taiwan Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS) followed by the 2016 founding of the Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability (TACS), which have enjoyed solid successes to date, so we are ever appreciative to all the support we have enjoyed from our stakeholders and partners, including all of TAISE Secretary Generals, Executive Directors, and collaborative peers, whose consistent effort, endeavor, initiative and innovation have spelled success for TAISE over the past decade. For the future we hope that TAISE will remain committed to its mission, stimulating Taiwan’s sustainability trend, and as we enter the era of the entire world’s efforts against climate change, we are certain of the continuing support of all our corporate partners to work together toward our sustainable development.
Academician Ke-Chang Xie remarked that we are now in the ninth consecutive year of cooperation with TAISE in conducting together the Cross-Straits Climate Change and Energy Sustainable Development Forum and the Cross Straits Energy Industry Summit, which are dedicated to the themes of energy, the environment and climate change and adaptation policies, sustainable cities, alternative energy technologies and applications, the circular economy and green development. Such diverse range of interlocution has meant success for aiding Cross-Straits academic scholarship, and frequent science and technology exchange channels, while working toward energy, climate change and environmental field broad collaboration and development of vanguard interchange, discussion and cooperation. It is thus a special privilege to present a traditional Chinese landscape painting to express our mutual commitments to achieving a sustainable landscape which supports the basis for sound and sustainable friendship.
The Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy recalled the past decade and efforts to promote understanding of climate change and energy sustainability, while accelerating Taiwan’s low carbon economy transformation. So, it is hoped that for the future as we commit to continue to work for sustainable energy, the green economy, a low carbon society, adaption to and ameliorate climate change, and inculcate corporate sustainability precepts and ideals, we will achieve international harmonization, working with everyone to jointly create a more beautiful global tomorrow.


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