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August 5 The latest development trends in the global automotive industry: electric vehicles and driverless cars Date:2017-11-02

The global automotive industry is now poised with two major trends: electric vehicles are replacing gas powered vehicles, and driverless or autonomous vehicles are entering into production in the traditional automotive industry, so these two trends will no doubt pose many challenges and new business opportunities for the automotive manufacturing and service industries.

Electric vehicles:

While electric vehicles are still not the commonplace norm, with the rapidly accelerating advent of the technology, it is forecast that by 2025, battery technology will undergo disruptive breakthrough technological development, with concomitant price reductions, making the overhead costs of vehicles much lower and ensuring that the new motor systems advantages will be much more visible and viable. According to Bloomberg’s new energy financial reportage, it is forecast that by 2040,electric vehicles will constitute 54% or more of the global automotive market’s new sales, and more than one-third of total vehicles. At that time, China, the US and Europe are expected to constitute more than 60% of the global electric vehicle market.

Driverless verhicles:

Besides the overseas development and testing of driverless vehicles, in Taipei this year (2017), there have been driverless vehicle road tests, which were very successful, and it is thus seen that driverless vehicles indeed represent one future trend. The driverless vehicle can not only resolve transportation problems, and enhance eco-lifestyles, but will also herald a new 10 trillion dollar business opportunity, with mobile services, in-vehicle displays and commerce, as well as mobile studios and workshops or places of work.

To sum up the aforementioned, there are two emerging automotive industry trends, which will bring attendant impacts and business opportunities, which the Taiwan automotive industry can assiduously endeavor to promote and develop as future directions.

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