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August 26 Implementing energy transition, energy issue development concerned by the whole country Date:2017-11-05

Combined with industry, government, and academic circles domestic and abroad to discuss, explore, we reached a conclusion of 6 core statements about energy transition for use as references and reflections:

1. Comprehensive strategy that integrates the government, people and technology.

2. Energy safety is the essential component of industries and economy.
3. The success of renewable energy to energy transition or not is of critical importance. Traditional gas power generation is also indispensable.
4. Stable power grids are the energy infrastructure to ensure a successful energy transition.

5. Use Taiwan’s public sector to integrate climate resources to create an ideal environment for investment and bring about investment from the private sector as well as development of technologies.

6. Whole-scale enhancement of the overall energy supply efficiency to facilitate conservation of natural resources.

Energy policies in most countries will change after an unexpected major incident. When the government talks about energy policies, aside from the aspect of supply, the aspect of demand has to be reduced as well. After going through the August 15 blackout incident, Taiwan should ponder calmly on development of future energy policies.

Then it is to delineate the problems of energy transition which are the issues of energy allocation ratio and electricity prices. The last is energy safety and the implication it has is national security.

Energy policies are what everyone concerns, yet they are highly complex. We need to explore from all aspects and ask for approval from the whole nation. Energy supply and demand aspects need to be carried out in parallel in order to complete energy transition smoothly; the success of the transition or not has a profound impact on the country’s future competitiveness.

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