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September 2 the energy development of the United States from the perspective of Trump climate change policy Date:2017-11-20

President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement has a major impact on countries around the world: a shift in the role of the world arena and a rare strategic opportunity for China.

 But in fact, the United States has a number of clean energy targets. For example, replacing coal-fired thermal power plants with shale gas will save costs, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and expect carbon dioxide emissions to be lowered to $number years before the 2025 26%. There is also the Clean Power Plan: The states $number year of power plant greenhouse gas emissions to $number year 32% below and so on.

 The difference between the Trump and Mr Obama's push for renewable energy is that the latter supports the US's drive to be independent and clean, injecting a large number of federal budget-fuelled bills, while supporting the coal industry. As the country withdrew from the Paris pact, there were a number of states that objected, and California and New York Statedeclared: $number year will boost renewable energy usage to $number Massachusetts has also decided to switch to renewable energy in full before the $number year. In addition, Texas, one of the largest oil-producing countries in the United States, is also the most wind-powered state, boosting cost-effectiveness while creating 100,000 of jobs.

 U.S. President Trump announced the withdrawal of the Paris accord as an opportunity for all countries and a change in the global power structure, with Mr. Obama and Mr. Xi agreeing to the Paris pact, which led the world towards sustainable development, and China's withdrawal from the US as the leading power of climate change, replacing America's leadership.


 The world's only war-torn Syria and Nicaragua have not yet signed a Paris pact, and the Trump resolution to withdraw from the Paris deal is not just a policy shift, triggering a corporate rethink of what role it should play in mitigating climate change and what social responsibility it should contribute, and moral courage, With the power of enterprises to drive the government to start to change, and work towards a sustainable future.

Listen to the full broadcast in Chinese:

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