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September 23 The Revelation of Bertrand Piccard, the First Person in Solar-Powered Flight around the Globe, to Taiwan’s Renewable Energy Date:2017-11-21
Bertrand Piccard is the first first in the world to fly around the world in a solar-powered aircraft. He is Swiss and was originally a psychiatrist and then turned to a Swiss balloonist, adventurer, and advocate. What he likes to do most is use new ideas to drive society toward positive change.

Flying a solar-power aircraft is different than flying an ordinary aircraft for working closely with weather authorities is necessary. After all, solar-powered aircraft are lighter and more fragile and than ordinary aircraft as they are more susceptible to interference from wind directions and intensities. Furthermore the configuration of energy is also important. When it is cloudy or night time, it cannot get solar energy. Therefore it has to depend on the energy stored in the solar cells during the day time. All in all, there are a lot of technologies to be overcome and it can be said to be a flying mission with high risks and quite dangerous.
At the current stage Dr. Piccard’s foundation is working hard on energy saving and carbon reduction tasks. The reflections he has brought us are: First, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” As such we should rush forward to realize our dreams. Second, dreams are not simply for accumulation of personal wealth, but efforts for the development of the future of mankind and make your dreams great. Third is to have the ability to get people work together. A great project needs the assistance from many people. In this flight, many people with the same vision worked hard to accomplish it. He did not let his coworkers down and finished the mission. Fourth, discipline and determination are very important. Last, no matter a person’s age is, as long as long as there’s dream, determination and willpower in carrying out the task, there’s a chance to complete it.

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