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September 30 Disappearance of gas and diesel cars and replacement strategy of electric cars Date:2017-11-21
 Observation of the development trend of electric cars shows that gas and diesel cars will disappear not long into the future. This will impact Taiwan greatly as Taiwan is famous for her export of car parts around the world. When the trend turns to no more production of gas and diesel cars, we need to reflect on how the domestic automobile industry cope with it and make the transition.

The main reason for the disappearance of gas and diesel cars is mostly due to that fact that exhausts from gas and diesel cars will cause severe air pollution. Currently many countries have declared they would ban sale of new gas and diesel cars by a certain year. For example, India declared she would first increase the number of hybrid and electric cars to 6 to 7 million by 2020 and totally ban sale of new gas and diesel cars by 2030. Since at the current stage India has fewer cars in use and is also at the stage of economic transition, it would be easier for her to leap from gas and diesel cars to direct development of electric cars compared to developed countries; Holland and Norway also declared to ban sale of new gas and diesel cars by 2025; German is projected to have 1 million electric cars on the road by 2020 and ban the sale of new gas and diesel cars by 2030; the UK will ban sale of  new gas and diesel cars by 2040 and by 2050 no  gas and diesel cars are allowed on the road; France will impose the ban on 2040 and the USA has different times to enforce the ban as different states have their own time tables.
If electric cars at the current stage can overcome the problems of short range, low battery efficiency and high cost, the market growth can even grow faster. With the increased demand for electric cars in the future, the manufacturing cost will definitely be lowered. One day the prices of electric cars will be close to traditional cars. To sum up, we believe electric cars will replace gas and diesel cars in the near future and become the mainstream on the market.

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