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Announcing the 2017 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards Recognizing World Class Sustainable Corporations Date:2017-11-23
Taiwan’s Vice President, Dr. Chien-jen Chen opening speech
The 2017 “Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards” (TCSA) judging results have been completed, and the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy will host the Tenth Annual 2017 TCSA Awards Ceremony at 9:00am today, November 23, at the Taipei Howard Civil Service International House 2F Convention Hall, presided over by Dr. Chien-jen Chen, Vice President of the Republic of China, and Chen-Mount Cheng, Vice Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan, who will deliver remarks and present the Awards. The prestigious Corporate Sustainability Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Morris Chang, the Chairman of TSMC, to a resounding round of applause from all the dignitaries and guests present. Among the assemblage of participating enterprises, the annual operating income of the 67 TCSA Award Winner corporations recognized for exemplary sustainability constituted 60% of Taiwan’s GDP for 2016, among which the majority were renowned, benchmark domestic industry leaders, revealing the importance and influence of the TCSA for these corporations. Among the honorees receiving recognition, there were 27Chairman, 33CEOs and 56 Vice Presidents in attendance to represent their corporations in accepting the honors, before 700 attendees recognizing these benchmark corporations in a grand gathering.

Award winners at ceremony 

Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien opening speech
 Dr. Morris Chang, the Chairman of TSMC award winning speech

Dr. Eugene Chien, TAISE Chairman and Convenor of the TCSA, expressed satisfaction with the tenth celebration of the Awards, as bearing witness to the history of Taiwan’s corporate sustainable development; the past decade has seen the initial phase of domestic promotion of sustainability information disclosure efforts. TAISE places a strong emphasis on this era’s trend and domestic needs, through inaugurating these Awards with the support of a broad section of industry, the civic sector, and academia, until the present, where our domestic corporations are rapidly growing, and whether in terms of this year’s DJSI or Bloomberg’s Global Markets ESG disclosure evaluations, Taiwan’s corporate performance has been stellar! We can see how domestic corporate sustainability performance has merited recognition from international entities, and it is an honor during this process to work with so many talents together, in the aspiration of continued streamlining by the Award winner corporations, integrating and inculcating CSR into their corporate operational strategies and directions for continual progress in sustainability efficacy, leading Taiwan in economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion dimensional benchmarks, on the path to sustainable development.
Taiwan’s Vice President, Dr. Chien-jen Chen, expressed his views on the corporation as critically imperative and the cornerstone of our national development, so as the corporation fulfills its multi-dimensional stewardship for stakeholders including shareholders, customers, and employees, it is all the more essential to be constantly responsive to social demands, with capable fulfillment of social responsibility, relying on “transparency”, “responsibility”, “reliability” and “innovation” to serve as the core values of corporate operations, thereby enhancing corporate operational efficacy while concomitantly ensuring assiduous efforts at reducing environmental burdens, and increasing feedback and concern for society.
Vice Chairman Cheng-Mount Cheng of Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission noted that in response to global trends the FSC announced a five-year Corporate Governance Blueprint in 2013, with consideration of non-financial disclosure requirements for the entire gamut of corporate social responsibility, as well as the environment, society, and corporate governance dimension disclosures, which have met with international recognition, serving to strengthen Taiwan’s publicly traded and Over-the-Counter corporations’social responsibility and non-financial information disclosure activities, through an incrementally phased-in expansion of the scope of publicly traded companies required to provide disclosures through corporate social responsibility reportage. This year, in 2017, the guidelines provide that publicly traded companies with capital between NT$5 billion and below NT$ 10 billion, the enterprises must prepare and submit their 2016 Annual CSR reportage. According to the TWSE forecasts, by the end of this year there will be 330 publicly traded enterprises submitting their corporate social responsibility reportage.
This year’s TCSA judging evaluated 143 participating enterprises, among which there were 11 foreign corporations, for a total of 341 award category entries, and over the two month evaluative process, some 261 volunteer judges with corporate sustainable development practical expertise from all sectors and 88 academics and professional experts, for a total pool of 349 judges participated in the massive process of scoring and evaluating the entries according to the judging principles of professionalism, objectivity, fairness and transparency, in a stringent process. The judging revealed how each winning enterprise and individual has substantively contributed to enhancing operational sustainability and governance information disclosure both in terms of quantity and at international standards. This practically expresses their corporate determination and resolve along the multi-dimensional aspects of the economy, environment, society, and organizational governance, as they endeavor to realizing the panoply of their commitments throughout their corporate sustainability reportage.
This year’s TCSA Awards included the five major categories of the “Corporate Sustainability Lifetime Achievement Award”, “TOP50 Corporate Sustainability Awards”,“Best Performance of Specific Categories”, “Corporate Sustainability Report Awards”, and the “The Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professionals”. Among these, the Corporate Sustainability Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to the world renowned, Dr. Morris Chang, Chairman of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company; The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards-Top Ten Domestic Corporations were awarded, respectively, to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Delta Electronics, Inc., E.SUN Financial Holding Co., Ltd., China Steel Corporation, Fubon Financial Holding Company Ltd., Sinyi Realty Inc., Chunghwa Telecom, CTCI Corporation, AU Optronics Corporation, and MediaTek Inc., and other exemplary corporations; “The Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Professionals” awards were presented to the Chairman of Taiwan Mobile Co., Ltd., Daniel M. Tsai, and the Chairman of the AU Optronics Corporation, Paul S. L. Peng; “The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards-Top Three Foreign Corporations awards went to three transnational leaders, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, 3M Taiwan Limited, and Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited. For full details on all the Award winners, see the TCSA official website(
Over the past decade, TCSA has witnessed the participation of 209 corporations, whose annual operating income represents three-eighths of Taiwan’s 2016 GDP, indicating the high importance and contribution they make to the domestic economy, further revealing the significance the TCSA hold for the domestic corporate sustainability field. In sum, the standard of this year’s Awards entries were substantially enhanced from last year’s, with the Top Ten Outstanding Corporations and Foreign Enterprises, displaying a degree of commitment and exemplary performance in all ESG dimensions, serving not only as excellent domestic examples to model from, but attaining parity with leading corporations’ international CSR standards, for which it is a unique honor and privilege to express appreciation and gratitude for this success. It is sincerely hoped that the winning enterprises will continue to contribute over the future to promoting corporate sustainability, influencing ever more corporations to join in these efforts, and while concomitantly endeavoring to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities, steadfastly adhere to moving in the direction of a future noteworthy for its sustainable development!

First group: TOP50 Corporate Sustainability Awards winners

Second group: TOP Ten The Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards-Top Ten Domestic Corporates Top Three Foreign Corporates and TCSA Honorary Award winners photo

Group three: TOP50 Corporate Sustainability Awards and Best Performance of Specific Categories winners group photo

Group four: TOP50 Corporate Sustainability Awards and Best Performance of Specific Categories winners group photo

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