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At 2017 Going Green EcoDesign TAISE Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien is invited to speak on Sustainability and the Circular Economy Date:2017-12-01

TAISE Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien spoke on the first day of the EcoDesign Conference, sharing about sustainability and the circular economy

The 2017 Going Green EcoDesign -10th International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing will be held Wednesday, November 29 through Friday, December 1, at the Tayih Landis Tainan Hotel, and jointly hosted by the National Cheng Kung University and the Union of EcoDesigners. This Tenth annual EcoDesign conference is themed about “New Technologies and Eco-innovation Towards Sustainability”. Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien is invited as a Guest Speaker during the first day on the topic of “Sustainability and Circular Economy: From Aspiration To Implementation”, sharing about the development and observations of the evolving circular economy field both internationally and within Taiwan in recent years.

Chairman Chien explained how the circular economy is the critical essence to sustainable development, and as the international consensus around the “Paris Agreement” reflects the global development trend towards energy efficiency, carbon reduction and energy transformation, all nations must do their best to attain their self-determined goals (intended nationally determined contributions or INDCs),and even strive to lead the world in energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction. At the same time, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to ensure concomitant pursuit of economic growth and development with reduced waste and consumption of natural resources, without increasing the burden and environmental loads, while promoting transformation of existing prevalent development modes and modalities, to stimulate production and service provision which are favorable and conducive to the environment.

Chairman Chien believes that the circular economy plays a critical role in the process of sustainable development; whether in terms of ecological design, resource reutilization and recycling, and innovative and new governance modalities for business modes, all of which reflect the inevitably necessary paths of the trajectory of transformation of society required to achieve sustainable development. He further elucidated how the trends towards the linear economy entering into the circular economy’s global green industry, resultant from fundamental social transformation and evolution towards the circular economy, reducing energy and unnecessary resource consumption, while thus reducing the emission of carbon dioxide; furthermore, energy and resources are no longer subject solely to extraction, use and disposition, but can enjoy greater utility in the economic system’s circularity, resulting in a longer lifecycle of use, greater efficacy in utility, and maximal reduction of waste generation, thereby achieving the goal of resource conservation.

This conference’s first day invited Gogoro Energy Systems Director of Battery Systems Mr. Daniel Vickery, Prof. Ysuhiro Umeta of Tokyo University, Dr. Christoph Hermann Professor for Sustainable Manufacturing and Life Cycle Engineering of the Technical University of Braunschweig, and Prof. Chia-Wei Lee of National Tsing Hua University, to speak about the diverse dimensions of urban and ecological design, battery capacity and endangered species. The conference also enjoyed robust exchange of academic and technological scholarship through presentation of over 100 papers, for a rich interchange. The circular economy and new economic modalities emerging in international development, along with Taiwan’s imperative to pay attention to these latest revolutionary waves and efforts toward the circular economy were key themes, as we aim to achieve the development objectives of creating economic growth, environmental sustainability and social inclusion.
From left, Prof. Allen Hu of the Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management of the Taipei University of Science and Technology, TAISE Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien, and Prof. Tsai-Chi Kuo of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department of Chung Yuan University

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