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September 16 Looking at the future development from Seattle and Silicon Valley Date:2017-11-20

Many technology companies such as Google , Microsoft set up a company in Seattle.

One of the fastest-growing is Amazon, the rapid development of Amazon and the neighboring prosperity, but this development has attracted Seattle government worries.

 Seattle or aviation city was a footnote by Boeing, a large number of jobs were lost, and the city's urban development declined. Because of this precedent, the local government in Seattle is also concerned about what to do if Amazon has the same problem.

 Amazon is a generational revolution, online shopping is convenient and logistics is fast. U.S. Local department store - Macy's is not a network of logistics commodity companies, have close, this is because IOT (Internet things) Introduction, and change people's living habits such as shopping habits.

Trump says there is no climate change and that this summer's exit from Paris, unfortunately this summer, is so rampant that people are starting to talk about climate change. USA Today did a poll. , questions about ˙ Are there any climate change in the American population and the response to this issue enough? the people of the19% think they can do it, andthe people who 64% don't think they're doing enough ; but there are The people of 13% feel that they are doing too much, and the proportions are quite high.

United Nations current Secretary-General Guterres ( Ant León NiO Guterres the speech mentions the importance of the global interface to the three major challenges of "nuclear, religious strife, climate change" to see the issue of climate change.


Link the video for full information:

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