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National Taiwan University President Assiduously Pursues Reforms Promoting Fulfillment of Social Responsibility Date:2018-01-12

 Photo Taken From: Udn News
      On January 5, 2018, the National Taiwan University Presidential Selection Committee announced that Academia Sinica Academician Dr. Chung-Ming Kuan has been selected as the next NTU President, to take office from February 2018. NTU President-elect Kuan noted that NTU cannot await global trends to change before realizing it is far behind, but must proactively anticipate emerging and evolving trends to lead at the vanguard, so he hopes to help thoroughly reform NTU from a bottom up approach, promoting the “Asian Flagship Plan” which will include cooperation with leading global universities, to steward NTU into a center of lifelong learning while aspiring to globalize the NTU brand.
      Dr. Kuan met held an open Q&A Forum at the NTU Student Union to discuss his key proposal for the future of NTU:“we will publish annual Chinese and English NTU Social Responsibility Reportage. Our major domestic corporations are now publishing their annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reportage, and for NTU it is natural that our mission includes meeting our social responsibilities and apprising the public of how NTU fulfills these duties through our social responsibility efforts and practices”; Dr. Kuan also noted during a tea with media on January 7 that the NTU Endowment Trust will no longer invest in any high carbon, high pollution, or controversial enterprises, but will publish annual social responsibility reports, and fulfill the university’s social responsibilities. 
      Given TAISE now decade long experience in the CSR field, we are pleased to express our support for Academician Kuan’s vision and policy statement, as universities are uniquely reposed with the public trust as their foundational value, and NTU possesses a renowned history, representing an amalgam of moral and academic prowess, the university is historically closely bound to social welfare and the national development, so its fulfillment of social responsibility is also an essential mission. For the university to attain its sustainable development objective, it must balance good university governance, environmental sustainability and the social interest, among its panoply of social responsibilities. As global sustainable development and social responsibility have already emerged as critical global trends, and key issues of concern for industry and organizational leaders, as we face the era of comprehensive globalized competitiveness, no corporation or organization can afford to be lax in addressing these issues. Moreover, university sustainable development includes addressing the issues and trends found in the many dimensions of governance, the environment and society, while internalizing these as operational strategies, with a core emphasis on enhancing the university’s competitiveness; thus, university social responsibility is an aspect of responsiveness to university’s stakeholder concerns and the fulfillment of responsibilities towards them, placing importance on realizing the university’s responsibilities, and followed by recognition that such efforts are part and parcel of, and essential to achieving the institutional mission.
     TAISE is pleased not only to support the announcement of the selection of the new NTU President, and announcing our pleasure for his vanguard vision, but also hope to work with the entire faculty and student body of NTU to aid the new President as he strives to build a diversely qualified faculty, to create a successful NTU which will lead Taiwan and the global Chinese society in higher education that seeks sustainability and attainment of the greatest new aspirations of the emerging era. In the future, TAISE will remain poised to work with all our university partners to participate in promoting Taiwan’s sustainable development and promotion of university fulfillment of social responsibilities, working in synergy to create the blueprint for Taiwan’s sustainable development, and giving our best mutual efforts for persistent and pervasive investments in the sustainable development of Taiwan society.

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