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November 18 Roles of females under SDGs Date:2018-01-15
Recently news topics related to gender equality have been coming up one after another both at home and abroad. Viewing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on UN 2030 meeting agenda, we want to share observations we have made recently regarding the roles of females and problems faced by elevation of women’s rights in the SDGs. 
By analyzing the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals we can find that apart from SDG5, many of the other goals are also related to females. For example for SDG1, many women are still limited by work rights, property rights and inheritance rights; SDG2, agriculture is still the primary area of work for women. SDG3, women receive less care in the medical system and death rates from giving birth to children are quite high in underdeveloped and developing countries; SDG4, more than a half of the females in the world are still illiterate. SDG6, there are still numerous cases of impolite actions and violence against women when they try to get water in some countries; SDG7, there is difficulty for women to have access to energy needed for cooking. SDG8, women’s right to work, wages they should have and their workload are comparatively unfair; SDG9, lower percentage of women are employed in science and technology. SDG10, there is issue of equal work with unequal pay, and some jobs are not protected by law; SDG11, women need to manage family and work at the same time; and for SDG12 women generally can affect the overall consumption behavior, meanwhile they also care for the environment more.
Nowadays women’s awareness have been risen and their participation in society and politics has also increased tremendously. Nowadays women’s social status has also risen significantly, but it has still not reached the ideal state. Therefore the Sustainable Development Goals raised by the United Nations have covered a lot about women’s issues specifically.

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