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FEB 10 Consumers carry out sustainability by using circular economy to contribute themselves Date:2018-03-08
 “Food, clothing, housing, and transportation” are closely related to consumers and how should their related industries add the element of sustainability to make consumers willing to adopt mobile payment and complete the vision of going green and love the Earth has become an important issue nowadays.
In terms of the mode of consumption, the mode of physical shopping at stores has been gradually replaced by online shopping. The seemingly low-carbon online shopping indeed has carbon footprint hidden in transportation. The present pursuit of fast delivery and large-scale shopping seasons like Singles’ Day (November 11, 11/11) on the contrary will bring about more carbon emissions as well as waste consumables from packing materials.
In terms of “housing”: cohousing is a brand new concept in that people from different generations share a house together. This will reduce construction of houses, increase use of space and at the same time change the idea of family members and bring the relationship of the group of strangers closer. Finally at the manufacturers’ end such as Nike and Adidas, these international brands are separately bringing the concepts of renewable energy and circular economy into product manufacturing to achieve the goal of sustainability. Taiwan can pay more attention and learn from those success stories of foreign industry transitions to go toward sustainable development.

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