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FEB 17 Looking at Taiwan’s new opportunity of renewable energy from China to Kenya in Africa Date:2018-03-09
 Climate change is a problem countries around the world are facing now. We should learn from the experiences of China, Iceland and other countries in the “energy transition revolution” and turn them into our own advantage and invest in the development of renewable energy. Through promoting use of renewable energy internally and invest in oversea markets, China fosters domestic technologies, develops energy, raises the abilities of manufacturing industries and employment rate. Denmark has been making good use of offshore wind power generation for 25 years by developing renewable energy and sell it to neighboring countries as a way to make domestic electric prices at a certain level. People in Kenya, Africa use electricity from distributed electrical grids and solar power and they also use a storage concept similar to Taiwan’s EasyCard to engage in sales as well as introduce an online money deduction mechanism in order to expand the convenience of small sum payments.

India brings foreign businesses  to conduct smog “clearance”. The way is an open tender with a period of 20 years to attract domestic and foreign businesses to invest in renewable energy and let those businesses decide their own prices and the government promises to buy wholesale to ensure production capacity and solve domestic smog problems in the meantime. On the other hand, Iceland resorts to 75% hydroelectric power and a small portion of energy is in the form of geothermal power generation to supply hot water and keep houses warm. Taiwan can learn development of renewable energy from the success stories of various countries to develop our own renewable energy.

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