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2018 Climate Change Painting Competition, with Climate Action jumping onto paper Date:2018-05-15
 TAISE is holding the 2018 8th Annual Climate Change Middle and Elementary School Painting Competition, which entered the final rounds of judging on Saturday, May 12. This year’s event includes entries from the US, Indonesia and 21 cities and counties across Taiwan, for a total of 537 participating schools and 2,615 students participating in the event. This year marks the first time that there is an International Award Category, with 34 entries from overseas Taiwanese students revealing a high degree of comprehensiveness in expression and creativity, and winning high accolades from the judges.

The final round of selections will be chaired by Man-Lee Lin, Chairman of the National Culture and Arts Foundation, along with judges including Lung-Jung Wu, Executive Director of the Sunshine Arts Association, Tai-Sheng Kang, Executive Director of CAPA, Adjunct Professor Ku Yang of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Department of Chemical Engineering, and Visiting Professor Yu-Ming Lee of the National Taipei University Institute of Natural Resources Management, who will judge among the 969 final round works in accord with their professional judgment according to the perspectives of climate change, environmental protection and artistic creativity, and will make the final selections in accord with the works’ theme contents, creative originality, and artistic performance.


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