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APR 7 High-tech industry chain, How to design and recycle economy? Date:2018-04-09
 Circular economy can enter the cycle of life cycle of products, including five major structures:
  1. recycling and reuse
  2. extend the life cycle
  3. sharing and service model
  4. recyclable product design
  5. digital platform
The total global solar energy generation is about 500 GW, and it is expected to increase by 4,500 GW in 2050. At the same time, solar photovoltaic panels have to be replaced, so when it is updated in 2050, it will generate 60 million tons of waste, but after recycling and renovation will yield 15 billion US dollars, about 630 GW of solar photovoltaic panels.

The high-tech industry chain should start with the product's R&D and design phase, and include maintenance, repairs, and recycling as part of its consideration and evaluation in order to implement circular economy, environmental protection, and reduce waste of resources.
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