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APR 14 World garbage disposal transformation, How should countries respond? Date:2018-04-16
  Since China implemented the "Implementation Plan on Prohibiting the Entry of Foreign Rubbish into China and Promoting the Reform of Solid Waste Import Management System" on January 1, 2018. Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries that rely on exporting garbage to China have begun to worry about how they will proceed with garbage disposal.
As early as 1988, Taiwan promulgated the "Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)" and introduced the Netherland Alien Baby to encourage people to do garbage classification. Today, many manufacturers in Taiwan are familiar with this classification system. Many Eastern European companies have also learnt to learn from them.
The United States, Britain, Canada and other countries, in response to China's implementation of the policy, only allow the pollution rate of five-thousandths, so countries must therefore upgrade the domestic recycling equipment and encourage the people to follow the recycling.

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