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MAY 26 British renewable energy generation Date:2018-05-28
 Recently, the government's renewable energy policy and actions have attracted many foreign big companies to invest in offshore wind power. Whether the development of renewable energy can solve Taiwan's energy problems is worth pondering. Generally speaking, energy use is often referred to as the "energy ratio" issue. Choosing a diversified energy structure means that all energy sources must coexist and supply electricity stably. This is the best policy. 

In the new energy era, the biggest difference in the development of renewable energy is that its cost payment has been different. Taking renewable energy as an example, it mainly focuses on the construction cost of the first phase of the life cycle. Taiwan should follow the example of the rapid development of renewable energy and wind power technology in the United Kingdom, through polls to explore the type of energy suitable for Taiwanese people, and the social cost of coal-fired power generation should be included in the assessment and carbon tax on coal-fired power generation while moving towards the international community's full use of renewable energy trends. In the long-term assessment, Taiwan, which belongs to the same island country, should take advantage of the relevant experienced foreign players to develop their own renewable energy sources that still have investment risks, and complete energy transformation without stability.

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