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JUN 2 Renewable energy development trend Date:2018-06-04
 Renewable energy will be valued by countries all over the world. Mainly, emerging industries are beneficial to economic development and opportunities in the job market. Therefore, it is not only used for power generation, but also has a great relationship with national economic development. 

The Renewable Energy Organization announced that from January to now, 10.3 million people in the world have invested in renewable energy, an increase of 500,000 more than last year, especially in terms of maintenance and maintenance such as solar energy, offshore wind power, and land wind power. It will climb year by year, and it is estimated that there will be more than 28 million people in the world that will invest in renewable energy in 2050.

Renewable energy drives not only economic development, but also industry and occupation. There are many countries in the world, such as developing countries, which are divided into separate investments, banks open loans, political achievements are easy to see, and the employment population is climbing faster.

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