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[money udn]The 2018 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards are underway! Date:2018-07-04
 The Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Academy is hosting the 2018 TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, with registration open now through August 1. The TCSA to date have had 209 participating corporations, with total annual operating income constituting three-eighths of Taiwan’s 2016 GDP, and rightly earning the epithet “Taiwan’s Corporate Sustainability Oscars”, indicating the widespread recognition and significance that corporations place on the TCSA in the field of Taiwan corporate sustainability. This year will also feature the newly added English Reportage Award and the Gender Equality Award, and Taiwan and international corporations are welcome to participate in these highest honors for corporate sustainability.
The TCSA are open for registration now through Wednesday, August 1, and the Judging Guidelines are available online at the official website (, so if you have any questions please feel free to contact the TCSA Awards Secretariat (telephone: 02-2768-2655). We most sincerely welcome Taiwan’s corporations, international corporations, government agencies and hospitals, and universities, colleges and schools, and other not for profit enterprises and organizations to join in competing for these highest corporate sustainability honors, while jointly working to promote corporate social responsibility, as we endeavor hand in hand to move toward our sustainable future together.



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