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2019 Taiwan in My Eyes 120h Date:2018-11-06

 【Event Introduction】

The event deploys team style participation over 5 days of activities, during which team members will visit several benchmark enterprises to conduct on-site field visits exploring sustainability dimensions; there is also much free time during the activity period, provided for teams to visit their own selected sites to explore Taiwan’s sustainability dimensions, and during the five days at least six self-selected sites must be visited. The self-selected sites there must have connections to the 17 United Nations SDGs.  

【Event Timeline】

Site discovery: January 21, 2018~January 25, 2019
Results Presentation Judging and Awards Ceremony: Saturday, 2019 March 9 08:00-14:00

【Team Formation Guidelines】

Each team must be composed of 4 persons. The four team members must be from the same university and different country ,  one of them must be from Taiwan. 


CTCI Corporation(TBD), Nanya Technology Corporation(TBD), Green Dream Works, Central Taiwan Science Park, CPC Kaohsiung Refinery Environmental Education Park

【Experiential Discovery Activity Scholarships】

Each team member with NT$6,000, for a total of NT$24,000 per team, helping defray the actual costs of each team member’s per diem travel, room and board expenses associated with each experiential discovery site, and for any other incidental expenses, the teams shall be responsible for their own expenses.

【CTCI Exchange Scholarships】

The First Prize winner of the “CTCI Exchange Scholarships” receiving NT$100,000, 
The Second Prize receiving NT$50,000, 
The Third Prize receiving NT$30,000, 
and the Fourth Prize receiving NT$20,000
(with the remaining teams selected by the judges with qualification for recognition)

【Results Presentation】

1.	Time: March 9 ,2019
2.	Location: CTCI Corporation
3.	After teams complete the on-site visits experiences, they must submit one copy of a complete Results Presentation Report and a five minute video presentation by Friday, February 15, 2019.Finally, on March 9, 2019, the Results Presentation event will be held, and judging conducted to determine selections for the event Award Scholarships.


Since the event resources are limited, only a total of 12 teams may participate, and for any registration of more than 12 teams, the event will conduct a selection phase. The team selection phase is explained below:
1. Initial phase of selection:On Wednesday, Dec 12, selected teams will be announced online. The selection is based on: motivation for registration and extent of knowledge of the SDGs.

2. Teams should complete the team itinerary plan for participation in the event, which may be in any format or style before June 1,2018. The teams can select from field visits, corporate visits, community revitalization, and living environments to undertake their discovery.

3. The final 12 teams will be selected on December 28,2018.


Online registration:Now~Until Dec 5(Wed.)
The team serves as the unit of participation for completion of the team registration form.

【Contact Information】

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us

Tel:(02)2769-8599 #108 Mr Chong


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