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OCT 6 Dr. Eugene Chien’s Broadcast: Marine Plastic Waste. Date:2018-10-06

The world’s environmental awareness is on the rise. As of this moment, the largest recycling economy business is that of electronic waste because of the presence of rare metals of high value inside electrical components. Why has this topic gained so much attention this year? Everything started with the issue of disposable plastics and China’s ban on imports of foreign garbage. It is also evident that more countries are beginning to worry about the earth’s sustainability.

The ocean links all continents as well as the world’s economy. Wastes from all over the world travel the ocean and end up in different countries. When nations encounter these wastes, they must formulate meaningful regulations and manage them strictly. In the future, through the management of marine waste and the introduction of environmentally friendly transportation we hope that human beings will be able to perpetuate the earth with the goals set forth by the Paris Agreement. The role of green energy and sustainability is incredibly crucial.

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