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OCT 13 Dr. Eugene Chien’s Broadcast: Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Corporations in an Era of Dramatic Change. Date:2018-10-13
Since the United Nations’ Paris Agreement and the formulation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, various challenges have emerged in various countries. The biggest challenge is the so-called “Excessive Risks”. There exist 5 categories of Excessive Risks; impact of laws and regulations on company performance, second, technological innovation. Third, a changing market. Fourth, the reputation and prestige of the company, and lastly company opportunities.

The opportunities of enterprise can divided into 5 categories. First, improvement of energy efficiency. Second, renewable energy. Third, employment opportunities. Fourth, innovative products and services, and fifth, green bonds. As long as companies can take advantage of these five opportunities, Ambassador Chien believes they can withstand climate change. 

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