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Ambassador Chien is invited to attend the International Innovation Summit and the International Innovation Awards 2018 to share about Transnational Innovative Technological Development Date:2018-12-17
Ambassador Eugene Chien was invited to serve as an International Consultant to Enterprise Asia on Friday, August 14, and at the MGM Macau to attend the International Innovation Summit and the International Innovation Awards 2018, before an assemblage of corporations jointly displaying their new technological research and development innovations, with interdisciplinary products and service development trends exchanged to a very warm reception.
This year’s Summit theme was “Think X Marks The Spot”, focused on exploring future operational modalities and oncoming massive transformations in the era of technological revolution, with corporate executives and representatives invited the US, Holland, Thailand, Hong Kong, and India, to share about communications, ecology, technological finance, and cooperative innovation fields impacting innovation and automation processes in operations modalities, unmanned services and smart technologies AI and IoT, other disruptive technologies and issues were discussed and experiences were shared, as well as establishing the event as a platform for early preparation for corporate technological transformation and evolution, for responsiveness to the massive market changes.

Figure 1. Ambassador Eugene Chien (left) attending the event together with Summit host Enterprise Asia Chairman Dato’ William Ng (right).
Figure 2. Ambassador Eugene Chien (right) and IISA Event Chairman Dato’ Chan Onn Fong (left) in a photo together.

Figure 3. Ambassador Eugene Chien (Second Left) and International Innovation Awards winner enterprise Hiwin Technologies Board member Wen-Heng Chuo, and other distinguished guests engaged in international exchange.

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